DISABILITY IDENTITY CARD (Issued to Disabled Person) – Status, Registration

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DISABILITY ID CARD-issued under PWD Act-1995

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The Disabled ID Card or Certificate is issued to a disabled person. It is a basic document for a person who is more than 40% disabled for avail the concession, benefits, or facilities under the government schemes.

The PERSON DISABILITY ACT-1995 passed by Indian Parliament in 1995. Under this act, the government recognized the certain disability and provides rights or equal opportunity to a person with these abilities.

The rights included under the act is-To provide free education to the disabled person, provide reservation in government jobs and educational institutes, schemes regarding social security or allotment of land. Under the law, the Psychological disability considered as the “MENTAL ILLNESS” includes in the Disability. The card issued to the person who is more than 40% disabled under this act.

The Card issued by the department of Central Government or at the level of State or UT Government. The benefits, facilities or concession are provided by a government to a disabled person. The Disabled person has a disabled certificate which is issued by the authorized medical committee or board at the district or state level. The committee consists the specialist or experts in the particular field, Chief Medical Officer or Sub Divisional Medical Officer.  The DISABILITY CERTIFICATE issued to those disabilities which are mentioned in the PWD Act-1995. The validity of this certificate is 5 years.

The eligibility for the Disability ID Card under the PWD Act is- A mental handicapped with a minimum 35% of disability is eligible. The Deaf & Dump with 90db & 100db, blindness with 90%, and orthopedically with 40% are eligible according to the Act. To get the CARD, it is mandatory that the medical disability certificate is held only by those medical board which is constituted by the state government or defense authority. The hospital required the necessary documents or reports for obtaining Disability Card. These documents are- a copy of disability certificate, two photographs, Copy of ID proof, and Copy of residence proof.

The child below the age of 18 years the ID card is updated at once in every five years. The card is valid for lifelong if it is issued at the age of 18 years or above. For update the card, the medical examination is not needed in the case of permanent disability. To submission of the application form for IC, a reasonable amount can be charged to the disabled person. The IC includes the information like Disability Code, ID number, and state code.

The special benefits or services such as Concession on railways, for air travel, for income tax, postage, excise or customs or benefit of education, and conveyance allowance are given by the ministry of India to a Disabled person.

The government launched UDID-Unique Disability ID for the welfare of the disabled person. This UDID card looks like a credit card and it is easy to carry. There is no need to carry a lengthy document as an ID proof. On the card, the disability of the person is clearly mentioned and it can be read easily by the card reader device. In the card, the stripes of different colors have appeared which shows the identity of the disability of the person. If a person has a card with WHITE stripe is less than 40% of disability. A person with yellow stripe has above 40% of disability and the blue stripe card has above 80%  of disability. With this card, it is easy for the government to track the numbers of a disabled person.

UDID card is a single document as the ID proof of the disabled person and used for availing the benefits by the government. The UDID card can be registered with ONLINE PORTAL which is set up by the government. The online form consists of 4 section for details like- personnel, employment, disability, and identity details. In PERSONNEL details fill first, middle or last name in English, Mother’s or Father’s name in English or regional language, Date of birth, Gender, Mobile number, E-mail, category-SC/ST/OBC, Marital Status, Address, Education qualification, or signature or thumb. Fill all the details and click on NEXT button for DISABILITY details.

In the DISABILITY details, the person has to fill the details like – they have the disability certificate or not, mention the body part affected by disability, mention the name of the hospital if the treatment is going, the pension detail if received etc. In the EMPLOYMENT details fill you are employed or unemployed, the annual income, or you are BPL-below poverty line or APL-above poverty line. In the last fill IDENTITY details like the number of Aadhaar Card, details of voter card, ration card, driving license etc. This is the process of registered for UDID card online.



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