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Direct Benefit Transfer in Fertilizer Sector (DBT) – PDF, Contact Details

Direct Benefit Transfer in Fertilizer Sector (DBT)
Mukesh Jindal
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Direct Benefit Transfer in Fertilizer Sector (DBT) – Direct Benefit Transfer for fertilizer Sector was first implemented by the agriculture for the direct benefit transfer of fertilizer subsidy in the 14 states from 1st Jan 2018. As the administration takes off direct advantage exchange for compost appropriations, one of the biggest endowment changes as of now in progress. The monstrous measure of information being produced is relied upon to give an unmistakable picture of cultivating movement in the nation and help make future making arrangements for the segment more successful. The legislature is keeping endowment change in the compost part calm for the complexities included. The complexities incorporate disgraceful land records, and the inclusion of countless ranchers with DBT on composts actualized in everything except 14 states, the legislature has officially seen a near 10% decrease in endowment prerequisite in specific states, less cases of retailers cheating ranchers, better exchange times and a diminishment in preoccupation of sponsored manures to different nations at deal at advertise costs, a man with learning of the plan’s execution said on state of obscurity.

The connecting of Aadhaar, a 12-digit biometric recognizable proof number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), with soil wellbeing cards and land records wherever conceivable will be helping policymakers show signs of improvement photo of the cultivating movement in the nation. The information helps in recommending which harvest can be developed wherein what season for ideal efficiency in light of soil wellbeing profile. The product framework connected to the point of offer (PoS) machines conveyed by the retailers likewise recommend the best mix of manures required. At the display, ranchers have the decision of passing by the framework’s recommendation or settle on their own decisions. Once the framework capacities completely, it will prompt better soil wellbeing administration, adjusted treatment, and better efficiency, other than expanding straightforwardness. Prior, authorities must be mindful that compost supplies had achieved a specific region and not whether they had achieved the agriculturist. With Aadhaar linkage, approach creators would know whether an agriculturist has the plant supplement. “This will likewise stop any spillage that may occur within the framework.

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) For Fertilizer Sector

A base 5-10% sparing in utilization and therefore, sparing in sponsorship, is normal,” said the individual specified previously. This is huge considering that manure sponsorship of Rs70,000 crore was initially designated for the current fiscal. Fourteen states including Kerala, Bihar, Karnataka, West Bengal, J&K, Jharkhand, Telangana, Odisha, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh will change to DBT on composts by 1 January, as per the execution design. The agriculture service is in focus to give soil well-being cards to every one of the 120 million ranch properties before the current year’s over. As indicated by the service, utilization of these cards has prompted 8-10% lower utilization of composts in 2016-17 contrasted with the prior year, while because of adjusted utilization of supplements general yield creation went up by up to 12%. Notwithstanding taking off DBT in disbursal of manure sponsorship, the inside in mid-2015 started 100% neem covering of urea to anticipate mechanical utilize and sneaking.

Objectives of Direct Benefit Transfer in Fertilizer Sector (DBT)

  • The Center has presented the immediate advantage exchange (DBT) for manure endowments from this month in seven little states and association domains including Delhi, a senior authority.
  • And another 12 major states including Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh are prepared for the stage II dispatch one month from now and the objective is to cover the whole nation by January 2018.
  • The administration bears about Rs 70,000 crore every year as manure sponsorship to give less expensive supplements to ranchers.
  • The DBT being executed on account of compost endowment installment is somewhat not the same as the typical DBT actualized in cooking gas appropriation. “We have changed the DBT demonstrate for composts so that there is no additional weight on agriculturists.

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) For Fertilizer Sector

  • Ranchers will keep on getting manures at a sponsored rate and the legislature will pay appropriation to organizations,” the authority told PTI, requesting that not be distinguished.
  • In the DBT for cooking gas, clients purchase gas chambers at the market cost and the administration stores the sponsorship into the client’s ledger later.
  • If there should be an occurrence of manures, agriculturists will most likely be unable to make forthright installments since a portion of the dirt supplements is
  • In this way, ranchers will keep on buying compost from the retailer at a sponsored rate and the exchange subtle elements will be recorded on the Point of Sale (PoS) machines.

Benefits of Direct Benefit Transfer in Fertilizer Sector (DBT)

  • Direct Benefit Transfer for Fertilizer Sector will be developed for the welfare of the farmer, and DAC&FW will be developed with a centralized DBT portal, where the beneficiaries will be having different benefits.
  • The Portal will be easy to monitor and track and also will be sharing the DBT Bharat portal of DBT Mission.
  • Every scheme will be having been assigned with a unique code for identification and can also be seen at central DBT Portal.
  • Even IT platforms will be having the DBT onboarding of their identified schemes, where they will have different stages of development.
  • The Scheme have already had an IT platform and MIS with an online web service which can be used for porting and uploading the beneficiary data to central DBT Portal.

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) For Fertilizer Sector

Contact Details

For any further details, contact.

National Agriculture Science Complex (NASC),

Pusa, Dev Prakash Shastri Road,

Opp. Todapur Village, New Delhi – 110012.

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Direct Benefit Transfer in Fertilizer Sector (DBT) – PDF


Department of Agriculture, Cooperative and Farmers Welfare was found for the development of a centralized DBT portal. The main aim of this is to develop centralized DBT portal by which the beneficiaries can get the information about different agriculture scheme in a single point. As the Direct benefit transfer for fertilizer sector will be working under the Cabinet Secretariat and has identified that they have 10 schemes in the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare for DBT implementation. As there will be workshops and training for the usage of DBT and usage of the agriculture land for fertilizer.

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