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Digi Locker is basically a digital locker that was launched by the Government of India in February 2015.The main objective of the scheme is to provide a secure storage of documents in a digital format.It is also one of the major initiatives of the digital India campaign. One of the objectives of the scheme is also minimization of the physical documents in which handling risks are involved



It will be helpful in sharing the e-documents through the registered repositories which will surely ensure the authenticity of the documents online.This scheme allows the citizens to upload their own documents and digitally sign them using Aadhar based e-sign facility.Using their Adhar enabled digital locker accounts, people can easily share the documents with other entities or organisations.Some of the examples of such digitally uploaded documents are

  • income tax returns filed,
  • university degree certificates, etc.

Elements Involved

My certificates which are on the  dashboard of customers account can be  further divided into

  • Digital documents which basically contain the URLs of the documents issued by the government agencies or any other entities.
  • Uploaded documents contain all the documents uploaded by the user, each not exceeding 10mb of space.
  • The issuer is an entity which issues the documents in original format and converts them to electronic format.
  • The requester is an entity who requests for a secure access to particular e-documents.
  • The repository is basically a collection of e-documents.


Currently, the beta version(trial version) has been launched in which more than 2.5 lakh of people are being registered which is again a huge number and they have uploaded more than 1.8 lakh of documents electronically through their Aadhar enabled accounts


  • The Digi locker will gradually bring down the cost included in providing services to the government.
  • It will also bring down the staffing requirements involved.
  • Helps in saving the time of the individual as well as helps to keep the documents safe and secure, thereby reducing the fraudulent and middlemen.
  • Since these e-documents are digitally signed using Aadhar based facility nobody can cheat/forge the documents.
  • A Digi locker account holder can access his/her e-documents anywhere at any time which is another big advantage

Security Features

  • 256 bit SSL encryption.
  • Mobile authentication based sign up facility.
  • Documents are hosted by ISO 27001 certified data centre.
  • Timed log out is provided to secure the customers account from unauthorised access


It is one of the most effective steps taken towards the ‘digital India’ by saving the time, cost and various other risks involved in physical transactions of the documents. In the coming years, this scheme is going to be of great help and advantage to the masses.

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