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Digital Gujarat is the online portal launched by the government of the Gujarat state. Portal was launched for the assistance of the people of Gujarat state. The project of DigitalGujarat was started by the department of science and technology, it is another move for digital India. Digital Gujrat project has provided the people with plenty of services online which will be guided to you in the article below. The article below will guide you about the digital Gujarat citizen service, Business services, and the financial services. The services related to the certificates, employment, revenue, student-related services such as student scholarships, log in at the Portal all will be guided to you in the article below. So read the article thoroughly to know about Portal.

Digital Gujarat

Services provided at Digital Gujarat

The services which you can access by Digital Gujarat are mentioned below for the readers below on the page. You can check the list to know about the services which you can avail using the online portal of Gujarat.

  • Citizen Services
  • Digital Gujrat Registration
  • PAN Card
  • Digital Locker
  • Election ID
  • Vehicle Registration Details
  • Latest GSEB Exam Results
  • Aadhar Card
  • AnyRoR
  • GARVI-Registered Document & Jantri Rates
  • Property Card

Other services

  • Employment services
  • Revenue services
  • Panchayat services
  • Student corner
  • Tourism

Benefits of Online Digital Gujarat

The following mentioned are the benefits of Digital Gujarat which can be of your great use.

  • All services are under one portal.
  • Ease of using the services
  • Availing the services at the portal
  • All the citizen services are provided at the portal
  • Online registration is also possible at the portal
  • Digital Gujarat allows the service request.
  • The online portal has the benefits of online payment, approval of the services and the service delivery.

Citizen services, Revenue Services, And The Panchayat Digital Gujarat

The citizen services which are provided at Digital Gujarat which the people of Gujarat can make use of the services at the portal. The citizen services which are available at Digital Gujarat are mentioned above in the services and the basically the services can be applied online. You can either visit the official site to apply the services. You can also make use of the link given below if you are interested to apply the services online.

Click here

You will get the list of services which you can apply online and they are also mentioned below for your assistance.

  1. Domicile certificate
  2. Senior citizen certificate
  3. Character Certificate
  4. Religious Minority Certificate
  5. Widow Certificate
  6. Economically background Certificate
  7. Non-creamy layer Certificate
  8. SC/ST certificate
  9. Farmer Certificate, VF6 Entry detail, VF7 Survey Number details, Khata Details
  10. SEBC Certificate
  11. Application for Varsai Certificate
  12. Renewal of arms license for crop protection
  13. Cinema license, Renewal
  14. Video License, Renewal
  15. Application of New Ration card, Separate Ration card, Duplicate Ration card, Ration card Member Guardian, Addition of Name in Ration card, Removal of the name in Ration card, Change the name in Ration card
  16. Special stipend or help for the candidates preparing for the Civil services, UPSC or have cleared the exams.

You can make use of the link given above and if you are interested to apply for any of the mentioned above type of service you want to avail or apply for the certificate.


The Employment at Digital Gujarat is also offered which would be clear to you in the following points which are mentioned below for the reader at the page. Have a look on the points which Employment at Digital Gujarat.

1.Government Jobs –

Government Jobs can be availed by the means of the Online portal. You can make use of the link given below if you are interested to apply for government jobs in Gujarat in the online portal.

Reference Image:

click here

2.Industry Interface Cell-

If you are interested in avail any type of the information regarding the Industry Interface Cell can either visit the Official website of Digital Gujrat or can make use of the link given below:

Click here

3. eM power-

The eM power information can also be availed from the online portal of Digital Gujarat.

You can make use of the services which are provided along the link on the page if you are interested in avail the benefit of the employment at portal.

Digital Gujarat Scholarship

The  scholarship can be applied on the portal of Digital Gujarat as the portal has a corner named as student corner where all the information or the important certificate regarding the scholarship is available.

The Student corner has the following services available for the students of the Gujarat State.

  • Scholarship
  • Student Tablet
  • Hostel

To avail the benefit of the Scholarship you have to get registered at the online portal Digital Gujarat and login to the Portal.

Portal login

To portal login, you should be aware of the fact that you can digital Gujarat portal login by the following two methods. If you are interested in portal login then make use of the following methods to portal login.

1. Citizen Login-

To get the benefit of the citizen login, you should be aware of how to login at the  citizen login. So check the steps mentioned below to login at digital Gujarat.

You should be the registered user for login then only you can make use of the digital Gujarat citizen login Which will be guided to you below in the article.

Check the steps for the citizen login:

Click here

  • Click on the link given above.
  • Select the login type as you would be provided three options Aadhaar card, Mobile Number, Email id.
  • Then enter the Username.
  • Enter the Password.
  • Enter the captcha code.
  • Then you would be able to login to the digital Gujarat citizen login.

Reference Image:

2. Office Login-

For the Office Login follow these steps mentioned below.

Click on the link given below.

Click here

Reference Image:

  • Enter the username, password, captcha code for the Office Login.

You are also provided the option of verifying the mobile number, linking the Aadhaar at the  Digital Gujarat Office Login.

Digital Gujarat Registration

If you are interested in the Digital Gujarat Registration then you can follow the procedure given below for the purpose of Registration. Check the link and image along the steps for the Registration.

Click here

Reference image:

Steps for  Digital Gujarat Registration

  • Enter the Aadhaar Number
  • Enter the date of birth
  • Enter the mobile number
  • Enter the Email id
  • Enter the password and retype the password
  • Enter the code.
  • Then you will complete the first stage of the Registration.

For the stage 2, you have to enter the details shown in the reference image below.

Reference image:

The Digital Gujarat Registration as a citizen will be successfully completed then your profile means the citizen profile will be created.

Reference image:

| SarkariNiti

Then you can request for any of the services which are mentioned earlier such as the certificates, scholarships, employment and more which are available at Portal.

You can also check the status of the application request you have registered as a citizen at the Digital Gujarat about whether they are approved, pending etc.

Reference image:

Scholarship pdf

The digital Gujarat pdf is also available for the convenience of the reader you can make use of the link provided to get the scholarship Pdf to view it online or you can also download Pdf and make use of it. Copy Link And Open In Browser To Get PDF

Contact info

  •  Help-Line 18002335500, 079-26566000

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