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National Mission On Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) – PDF, Contact Details

National Mission On Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA)
Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture – The National Action Plan shaped in view of the Climate Change, this was propelled in India for committed work with National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA). To characterize more about its procedures on the atmosphere relief and adjustment inside the farming segment. Agrarian Sector will be in charge of max up to 14% of the worldwide contamination. Be that as it may, if the emanations from the horticulture get joined with the discharge caused by deforestation by the cultivating, compost producing and furthermore the rural vitality utilize. Presently, this segment will turn into the biggest gift to the worldwide outflow. Presently in India, the farming part will have the record for 17.6% of aggregate emanations. What’s more, in the meantime, it will expend somebody fourth of the power, either by in a roundabout way in charge of another 10% of the GHG emanations. On the off chance that we consolidate both these figures with the compost business, providing food exclusively to horticulture, and utilization of diesel, we will get that agribusiness as the biggest giver of GHG in India. Along these lines, there will be a need that the ranch area will be given the need in India’s atmosphere alleviation technique.

The objective of National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture

  • The principal goal of this mission to make agribusiness more gainful, reasonable, profitable and furthermore atmosphere flexible, which should be possible by advancing the area particular coordinated/composite Farming Systems.
  • It will moderate the regular assets through the suitable soil and dampness the preservation measures.
  • They will receive the exhaustive soil wellbeing administration hone which will be founded on soil ripeness maps, soil test-based use of full scale and micronutrients, sensible utilization of manures and so forth.
  • To advance the use of water assets through proficient water administration to expand the scope for accomplishing ‘more product per drop’.
  • It will build up the limit of ranchers and partner in conjunction with the other progressing mission, for instance, national mission on agribusiness expansion and innovation, national nourishment security mission, a national activity for atmosphere strong farming (NICRA) and so on with a similar area of environmental change adjustment and moderation measures.
  • The pilot demonstrates in select squares will enhance the profitability of rainfed cultivating by mainstreaming rainfed innovations refined with NICRA and furthermore utilizing assets from different plans and missions like Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), additionally coordinated watershed administration program (IWMP) RKVY and so on.
  • To build up the impact, entomb and intradepartmental and clerical coordination for finishing the key expectations of national mission for maintainable agribusiness under the aegis of NAPCC.

Details About National Mission On Sustainable Agriculture

Benefits of National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture

The fundamental advantages of the plan including are

  • The Development of the dry season and its safe pest resistant yield assortments.
  • It will enhance the strategies for saving the dirt and water which will guarantee their ideal use.
  • The principal plan will produce the mindfulness inside the partner interviews, preparing workshops and furthermore give show exercise to cultivating groups. This is for Argo climatic data sharing and spread.
  • There will be a budgetary help which will empower ranchers to contribute and furthermore receive the pertinent innovations to defeat atmosphere related burdens.
  • It will reinforce the current rural and climate protection instruments.
  • Advancement and approval of climate will be subordinate models by protection suppliers.
  • It can guarantee chronicled and current climate information for this reason.
  • Formation of web-empowered, territorial dialect, which will be based administrations for the help of climate-based protection.
  • The advancement of GIS and remote detecting techniques for definite soil asset mapping and land utilize arranging. Which will watershed and waterway bowls to be secured?
  • Mapping defenseless ecoregions and ID of irritation and infection hotspots.
  • Creating and usage of particular district alternate courses of action which depends on defenselessness and hazard situation.

Details About National Mission On Sustainable Agriculture

Contact Details

To contact with the National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture regarding any details about the scheme and quires you can approach them on the following contact details.

Dr. Alka Bhargava, Joint Secretary, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi -110001.

Email – [email protected]

B Rath, Additional Commissioner, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001.

Email –

B.V.N Rao, Deputy Commissioner, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi- 110001.

Email – [email protected]

Details About National Mission On Sustainable Agriculture


Those are interested in applying for this scheme need have the following eligibility as per the District, State and National Level.

  1. District Level Consultancy:

Those who are applying from the district level, the consultants should possess the basic degree in agriculture, Horticulture/ AgricultureEngineering/Forestry/Veterinary Science, and Botany. And for main preference will be given to those candidates who have master’s degrees in the above disciplines and having min. 5 years of field experience in the farming system. Also, the person should have the ability to team leadership skills and motivation skills.

  1. State Level Consultants:

Those who are applying from the state level, need to complete the Master Degree in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Veterinary Science, Botany or Bachelor Degree in Agriculture Engineering, Information Technology or Environmental Science. Preference will be given to the candidates with Doctorate Degree or else Master of Technology in the above-qualified candidates. And also, candidates should have at least 10 years of field experience in the farming system.

  1. National Level Consultancy:

Those who are applying from the National Level have to complete their master degree in Agriculture/Horticulture/Forestry/Veterinary Science/Botany or they those who possess Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Engineering/Information Technology/EnvironmentalSciences can also apply for the National Mission for Sustainable.

Preference is given to the candidates those who have doctorate Degree/Master of Technology in the above disciplines and having minimum 10 years of field experience.

How to Apply:

Those who are eligible to apply can contact the national mission for sustainable agriculture. As provided in the contact details.

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The National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture was launched by  Department of Agriculture, it’s being run by the Cooperation & Farmers Welfare Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers by the Government of India. This is the main scheme of the national action plan on climate change and for the improvements of strategies for climate mitigation and adaption within the agriculture sector. As the agriculture will be the largest contributor to the GHG India.

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