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Detailed Analysis of Young Professionals for Development Programme

young Professionals for Development Programme
Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

The Chief Minister’s Young Professionals for Development Programme is an opportunity for young graduates/post graduates and professionals to work with the government. The Programme, like the fellowship programmes of other states, aims to equip aspiring Young Professionals with an in-depth understanding of the complexity of the governance and development processes through district and village level immersion in a wide range of institutions dealing with regulation, health, education, infrastructure, urban and rural development and social security. These young professionals will help identify problems in the design of programmes, schemes and implementation processes through rigorously structured research projects so that necessary improvements can be made at the policy and implementation levels.

What is the Chief Minister’s Young Professionals for Development Programme?

The Chief Minister’s Young Professionals for Development Programme has been designed to harness youth energy, promote social service and assist the future development of the State. This Programme is designed to inspire the best young achievers to advance as managers of excellence. The programme is an opportunity for Young Professionals to experience Government functioning at the grass root level and immerse themselves in working for a better society.

Young Professionals Development Programmevia

What is the mission of the Programme?

The mission of the programme is to harness potential energy and vision of the youth for social service and provide them with a platform to contribute to the Nation as future leaders which would be helped by a closer understanding of Government functioning.

What will I gain from the Programme?

The Programme is a great learning opportunity for the selected candidates. The Programme is structured to provide a unique set of learning opportunities to Young Professionals such as:

  • An opportunity to engage on a wide range of public policies such as education, public health, transportation, poverty alleviation, slum rehabilitation, environment sustainability, pollution control, public service delivery etc.;
  • Key analytical and managerial skills by working on projects related to understanding the formulation and implementation of projects in diverse sectors; and
  • Exposure to and understanding of the various stakeholders involved in the governance process.

How do I apply?

Interested candidates can submit their interest to participate in this programme by submitting an online application at the institute’s website.

Where will I have to work?

Each selected Research Associate will be placed in a district and will be working under the overall guidance and supervision of a mentor (Advisor) and the institute. Selected Advisors will be working from AIGGPA, Bhopal and will work under the guidance and supervision of the institute.

Will the selected young professionals be paid any remuneration during the programme period?

Research Associates will receive a remuneration of Rs. 40,000 and Advisors Rs. 60,000 per month. In addition, both will be entitled to House Rent Allowance at the rate of 15% of the remuneration per month. Touring for the official purpose would be covered separately under the programme.

 Will I get any leave during the programme?

Selected professionals will not be entitled to any leave except 13 days casual leave and 3 days optional leave of the state government.

What will be the duration of the programme?

The duration of the programme initially will be for one year, which may be extended for another year. Thus, the maximum duration of the programme will be two years.

What are the future career prospects for Young Professionals?

The Chief Minister’s Young Professionals for Development Programme does not give any assurance of a future job with the Government of Madhya Pradesh. The Programme has been designed to give Young Professionals a unique and high-quality experience that will benefit them in their future career in the fields of Public Management and Public Policy. They could gather invaluable experience to help them get a good job in the government, international institutions and in consulting companies.

young Professionals for Development Programmevia

Required language skills?

Candidates should have good knowledge of the English language and working knowledge of speaking and reading Hindi.

Is it possible for Young Professionals to work part-time or work during undergraduate/graduate studies?

Appointees will be engaged on the full-time basis. The programme has been designed as an intensive experience to learn about Government functioning and contribute to the state’s development. During the programme, it will not be possible for the appointees to (i) be studying for a graduate or any other study programmes, or (ii) be working in another job, full time or part time.

What deliverables are Young Professionals responsible for?

Based on the activities assigned by their supervisors, the appointees will be required to submit regular documentation of their outputs; this can be briefings, papers, presentations, reports and other formats. Fellows are expected to demonstrate and document outstanding work. They will also be required to make regular presentations to the institute and concerned stakeholders.

What will be the recruitment process for the programme?

The selection process of the Programme will consist of two rounds:

  1. Preliminary Scrutiny: The first round of shortlisting will be done based on academic and professional qualifications and relevant experience of the applicants. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the final round.
  2. Written test and Interview: The final round will consist of a written test in English and the face-to-face interview with a panel of experts. Candidates will be interviewed in-person in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

What are the Key timelines of the programme?

Following are the key timelines of the Fellowship Programme:

8 May 2017 Online Applications Open
5 June 2017 (5 p.m.) Online Applications Close
15 June 2017 Announcement of Shortlist for Interviews
29 June -30 July 2017 Interviews

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