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Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme 2003 Social Justice

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Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme 2003 – Disabled rehabilitation is the option that a large part of the society has been waiting for a long time. The recent plans taken by the government has shown their sufficient good wishes to offer proper solutions for the same. This scheme has come up to fill up the hope of a lot of people all across who are disabled in one way or the other. The following information will offer a clear picture of this scheme.

In order to promote voluntary work for disabled people, Deen Dayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme 2003 social Justice (DDRs) has been launched to provide the environment for the people with disabilities, equal opportunities, equality, social justice, and empowerment. It was launched by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and is a centrally funded scheme. All registered organizations and institutions are eligible to take advantage of the scheme. Users can get more information by contacting the organizations designated by the State Government, State Commissioners, National Institutes or Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry. When it comes to the perfection of the scheme it all depends on the objectives. It is the objective that actually constructs the strategies for the same. Let us have a look.


To create an environment conducive for equal opportunities, equality, social justice and empowerment of persons with disabilities:

In order to ensure effective implementation of the Chief Commissioner, for the handicapped persons, the disabled persons (Equal Opportunities, Rights Protection, and Full Participation) Act, 1995, promote self-action.

Eligible components / activities for grants

Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme

Model Projects  Assisted Under Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme

  • Project for pre-school and initial intervention and training
  • Special school
  • Project for children with Cerebell Palsi
  • Vocational training center
  • Silvered workshop
  • Project for rehabilitation of Leprosy patients
  • Half-way home for psychosocial rehabilitation of treated and controlled psychiatric patients
  • Project related to survey, identification, awareness, and comprehension
  • Home-based rehabilitation program/home management program
  • Community-based rehabilitation project
  • Small vision center project
  • Human resources development project
  • Seminars / workshops / rural camps
  • Environmental friendly and environmental promotional projects for the disabled
  • Computer subsidy
  • building construction
  • Law Literacy, Law Counseling, Law Assessment and Analysis and Evaluation of Current Laws Project

District Disability Rehabilitation Center

Amount Of Assistance Available Under The Scheme

The amount of aid/grant assistance is determined based on the scope and properties of the project proposal. This can be up to 90 percent of the budgetary amount for a project, which is based on fixed cost norms. In order to increase the self-reliance of the NGOs, in each year, 5% of the funds for the projects funded before the 7th year in the areas of dilapidated areas have been implemented to reduce the level of funding to 75%.

Now the following part is for those who want to apply for this scheme. It is important to mention here that the applicants surely need to fill all the criteria and then only can expect the best results for the same.

You may How To Contact Cheif Minister Of Haryana

How to Apply

  • Organizations registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (1860) or the relevant Acts of the State / Union Territory, or
  • Any public trust registered under any law applicable under the work order;
  • Any charitable company licensed under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1958,
  • There should be a minimum of 2 years registration while applying for a grant under this scheme.

Eligibility and Conditions applying for Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme

  • It should clearly have a management body properly formed with written and clearly defined powers, duties and responsibilities.
  • It should have operations/facilities and experience to run the program.
  • It is not being run for profit by anybody or individual body.
  • It does not discriminate against any group or group of people on the basis of gender, religion, caste or creed.
  • It has been in existence for two years.
  • Its financial status should be strengthened.

The organization will first submit the proposal to the concerned District Social Welfare Officer of the concerned State Government. After completing the requisite formalities, the District Social Welfare Officer will forward the proposal with the Inspection Report to the concerned State Government. After the State Government approves it by the respective state-level multilateral grant assistance committee, the concerned state government will forward the proposal of the organization to the Government of India.

The Department of National Informatics Center (NIC) with the help of the Ministry’s website (Www Kngograntsje Kgov Kin has developed a centralized online application software). Under the Deen Dayalviklang rehabilitation scheme, all applications are invited by the NGOs for grants-in-aid under the online process of the Ministry’s website.

Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme

Procedure For Grant And Release Of Funds

The Department conducts periodical meetings of the screening committee constituted to look into the proposals of the organizations forwarded by the State Governments. The action is taken for the approval and consent of the Integrated Finance Division (IFD) for issuing grants-in-aid on proposed proposals which are recommended by the Screening Committee which meets all the criteria and all the requisite documents.

After the approval of the Integrated Finance Division (IFD), the administrative approval of the competent authority is obtained to issue the amount of grant assistance. An approval letter is issued after the administrative approval of the competent authority and for sending the money sanctioned in the bank account of the organization, its bill is sent to the Department’s Pay and Accounts Office.

For the next grants-in-aid, the organization is considered only after getting the utility certificate in connection with grants-in-aid issued earlier. These are the options that you can opt for. All the information for the same is here. You can get all. All in all, this is the kind of scheme that you can count on and that is why the options are much credible here.

Contact Details

  • The applicant or their family can contact the nearest Integrated Finance Division (IFD) office.
  • Integrated Finance Division Officer.

Deendayal Disabled Rehabilitation PDF

Here is PDF which is released by govt officials.

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Conclusion :

When it comes to the proper disabled rehabilitation program then it can be mentioned that the
scheme is truly for those who are in need. However, it is the implementation that comes up as the
best work on this matter. The scheme should reach all the corners of India and that also within a

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