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Deendayal Canteen-Subsidized Meals in Madhya Pradesh

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Deendayal canteens is a new scheme of Madhya Pradesh government. While other states launched subsidised meal scheme’s for the poor in their states, the Madhya Pradesh government as well took the initiative to provide healthy food to the poor people. Under this scheme, people can purchase a meal for INR 10. There would be a variety of food available in this under the scheme, which will be available as a lunch and breakfast. Therefore, poor people can easily buy this meal, which will be the helpful for their health.
Madhya Pradesh government wanted to launch this scheme when they realised that poor people are suffering from malnutrition due to the unavailability nutritious food at an affordable price. The poor had to make do with whatever they could afford to eat just to satisfy their hunger. As a result, they cannot get healthy food, The government realised that when this scheme will be introduced, poor people can easily afford healthy food, which would be of good quality and it will be affordable for ordinary people.


Objectives of the scheme

  • Subsidised meal schemes are a revolutionary idea in India because of the availability of quality, healthy and tasty food at the minimum rate.
  • Thus, if poor people like rickshaw pullers, labours and other wages employees can get the healthy food at affordable rates, they can give better service to the society.
  • Basically, this scheme fulfils the basic needs of every person which is satisfying their hunger while eating healthy food.
  • The state Government of Madhya Pradesh kick-started the Deen Dayal canteen subsidised meal scheme this year. Therefore anyone, especially the economically disadvantaged sections of society can benefit from the scheme as of now.
  • The plate will contain four roti, one vegetable and lentils. At special places from 11am to 3pm, any person will be able to take advantage of this meal.

General planning of this scheme

When Shivraj Singh Chouhan, chief minister of Madhya Pradesh announced the plan of this scheme, this day was the birth anniversary of Pt Deendayal Upadhyay, who was the great philosopher and RSS ideologue. The best way to tribute the great visionary leader was to start a scheme under which nutritious food will be available to people at cheaper rates. Deendayal canteen subsidised meal scheme. Madhya Pradesh government announced this scheme in twenty-fifth September two thousand sixteen.
Tamil Nadu was the first state, who introduced the subsidised meal scheme only for the poor people. This scheme gets the huge success all over the state. The name of the scheme was Amma unnavagam. Delhi government introduced Aam Aadmi canteen scheme. Uttarakhand government launched Indira Amma bhojan scheme for the poor people. Later Orissa government introduced Aadhar subsidised meal scheme. But when the Rajasthan government launched a special subsidised meal scheme called Annapurna Rasoi scheme, this had a huge success and gained the attention of governments across the nation. Madhya Pradesh government also took interest in this therefore they planned and launched the Deendayal Canteens subsidised meals scheme.


The Madhya Pradesh Government wants to launch this scheme not only for the better services of the poor but also want a huge success of the assembly election by the year 2018. The scheme would keep the their importance amongst the common people.

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