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 Death Certificate Rajasthan

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A Death certificate is an official document. It is very necessary to register every death event under the state government of Rajasthan. Registration of a death event is mandatory in every state. And death certificate is a legal form which will help you in future. It gives us the information about death event, place of the death, This rule is approved by the government of Rajasthan as per the provision of the registration of death act 1969.

Now in this article, we obtain a knowledge about registration of the death certificate,  payment details,  and document about the person who needs the death certificate, and now the last one is most important is applications procedure ( step by step ) to obtain a death certificate in Rajasthan as soon as possible.

Benefits Death Certificate

Following Mentioned are the death Certificate Rajasthan. Check the below points for benefits of the Death Certificate.

  • Benefits of the pension.
  • Claiming life insurance of the Deceased.
  • You can Get medical benefits.
  • And another official service provides by the Rajasthan government.
  • A death certificate will help you know about cause, place date of the deceased.

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Documents Death Certificate Rajasthan

The below-mentioned points are the list of the important document.

  • Information about the person like there name, nationality, gender, and their occupation.
  • You have a passport size pictures of the person who needs a death certificate.
  • Aadhaar card is also an id proof so you can carry an Aadhaar card or ration card of the deceased.
  • The name of the father and the deceased person was married then their husband name is sufficient.
  • date of the death.
  • post-mortem report which you will get when death happens in a hospital. this report will help you to know about the main cause of death.

 Important Information Death certificate

  • Registration of the death event as soon as possible or within the 21 days from the death event.
  • Death event occurs in a public place the local police in charge or headman of the street are applicable to register a death event in the concern registrar office.
  • Death event occurs in a jail, jail in charge are eligible to apply for a registration or maintain a record of the death event.
  • Death event occurs in a house, head the house is applicable for the registration of the death event in the registrar office.
  • And if this is happening in a hospital, in charge of the hospital is eligible to apply for the death certificate.
  • The post-mortem report is also very important what is the main cause of the death event.

Application Procedure Death certificate Rajasthan

Now, there are two ways to obtain a death certificate Rajasthan. These ways named as an offline mode or online mode. if you have no knowledge about computer no need to worry you can apply it through offline and if you know about computer basic than you can apply it easily. just follow the below mention points for both the mode of application.

Now first we will learn about offline mode or you can say CSC (Common service center).

Apply Through CSC (Common service center).

  • You have to go to any CSC (Common service center). or you can go to a concerned register office to get an application form of the death certificate.
  • And now you have to read an application form once and fill it completely.
  • Submit the application form along with the scanned document to the authorized officer.
  •  You have to pay the required fees then you will get a slip.
  • In this slip, you have a unique number. this is called an acknowledges number which will help you in the future.

 Death Certificate Rajasthan Apply Online

  • You need to a visit an official website of the Rajasthan government for Downloading an application form.

click here. 

Reference Image.

| SarkariNiti
  • Now you have to search out option “download” an application form.
  • And then search out the option “death certificate” and click on it. then you will see the next page.
  • This is the application form for the death certificate. Fill it and submit to an authorized person.
  • after it, the verification process will be done and the death certificate for Rajasthan can be contained by you.

Application Form Death Certificate Rajasthan

Below given is the application form of a death certificate Rajasthan.this application form is in pdf file .you can view it or make use of it. Fill this application form of Rajasthan and submit it to the government.

Now in the above pdf, you see an application form for a death certificate in Rajasthan.

Death Certificate Rajasthan Payment Details

Check the below mention points for payment detail of death certificate.

  •  You can register a death event within 21 days from the date of death. if you delay these days then you will have to pay late fees charges.
  • You can get a death certificate at a cost of  Rs.2 if registration of the death event after 21 days after the date of death.
  •  Death event is registered after the 30 days from the day of death then you have to pay late fees charges Rs. 5
  • And if you are going to take a death certificate after a year then you have to pay Rs. 10.

Track status Death Certificate Rajasthan

  • Now here you can check the status of your death certificate.
  • First, you have to go through the official website of the Rajasthan government.

Official Page.

Reference Image

| SarkariNiti
  •  You search out the option ” Get Status”.

Reference image

| SarkariNiti
  • Enter receipt number to get the status of the application”..
  • And click on the get result.
  •  You can get a digital sign death certificate.

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