Death Certificate Karnataka, Application Procedure, Status.

Death Certificate Karnataka

It is an official document issued to the deceased person after his demise by the State Government. As per the provision of Birth and Death Registration, every death should be registered within 21 days of the death event. A death certificate will be issued to the nearest relative of the deceased person. Now, look at the procedure of obtaining a death certificate in Karnataka.

Purpose of Obtaining Death Certificate

There are several monetary benefits of obtaining a death certificate which is mentioned below-

  • It helps the deceased person to relieve form legal, official, and legal obligations.
  • The family of the deceased person can claim benefits such as insurance claim or widow pension.
  • The death certificate is an evidence which states the cause, date, and place of death.
  • Death certificate helps to reduce property conflicts.

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Death Registration Karnataka

Registration of death depends on the place and person which is explained below-

S.No. Place of occurrence Responsibility of person
1 Jail Jail In-charge
2 House Head of the Family
3 Hospital Medical In-charge
4 Local area Policeman

Required Documents Death Certificate

Applicant has to attach the required documents for applying a death certificate which is mentioned below-

  1. Application form of the death certificate.
  2. Deceased person age proof.
  3. Deceased person Ration Card.
  4. Identity proof.
  5. Certificate issued by the medical institution if death occurred in the hospital.

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Fee Structure

Applicant has to pay the necessary fee for registering the death which is explained below-

  1. If death is registered after 21 days or within 30 days then the applicant has to pay Rs.5/-.
  2. The applicant will pay Rs.10/- if death is registered within 1 year.
  3. If death registered after 1 year then the applicant will charge Rs.10/-.

Check Death Records in Karnataka

The applicant can check the death records before applying the death certificate to confirm the details of the deceased person. You can check the death records while following the steps given below-

  1. Go to the official website of  Karnataka EJANMA
  2. Now click on the Death Verification option.
  3. Fill all the required information of the deceased person.
  4. Click on the submit button.

Application Procedure Death Certificate

Follow the given instructions below for applying death certificate in Karnataka.

  1. Applicant has to visit the concerned registrar office for applying death certificate.
  2. Collect the application form from the office.
  3. Fill all the required information and attach the documents mentioned above.
  4. After verification death certificate will be issued to the applicant.

Application Status Karnataka

An applicant can track the application status while visiting the official website of Karnataka.

  • Fill all the required information Such as Application number and captcha code.

  • Now click on the submit button and application status is shown on the screen. 

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