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CSD CARD- For Defence Ex-Retired Serviceman

A CSD[CANTEEN SHOP DEPARTMENT] is an organization of Government of India under Ministry of DEFENCE. CSD sell a wide variety of products at a reasonable rate. CSD sell products like Liquor, kitchen appliances, household provision, sports accessories etc. It has a depot in all major military areas. It is operated by Indian Armed Forces.

These products are procured by CSD in bulk directly from the suppliers. It is sold after compared with the retail prices and without taxes at the reasonable rate. The prices of these goods became very low. CSD earned a huge profit. CSD consumes the durable goods and products directly from the suppliers. They distribute these goods at their depots all over the country. The Service Tax GST is paid by the state or the center. The Canteen Department gets the refund of 50% of these goods and products.

Over 600 suppliers provide their products to the Canteen Stores Department such as electronics items, footwear,  cosmetics, stationery, vehicles, liquor, food items, and households goods. The stores sell approximately 5300 products to the consumer who belongs to Navy, Airforce, and Army personnel and their families.

The CSD issued by concerned ZSB- Zila Sainik Board. The member secretary of the department is concerned with the functioning of the Sainik Welfare Department. The Sainik Welfare Department supervised the offices of the Zila Sainik Welfare. The 392 ZSB- Zila Sainik Board functioning at the District Level.

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The CSD card issued to the Retiring Defence Person by the concerned ZSB where the person proposes settled down after the retirement. This information is recorded in the discharge documents of the Defence person. The Information is required to fill in the Registration Form by the person themselves. The one copy of the form is kept in the record office and another copy is handed to the retired person. The ex-serviceman submits the documents like discharge paper/PPO, service documents, and three stamped sized photographs to the concerned ZSB for issuing the Canteen ID Card. It makes life easy for the Ex-Serviceman.

Now according to the latest rules by the Ministry of Defense, the civil employee of the defense can only use the CSD facilities from the area where the card was issued. It can not allow them to take service of CSD facilities from other stores all over India.

Now the application form for CSD card is applied online. For the welfare of the Ex-Serviceman, the application form can be downloaded online as per various region from the website.  This facility is provided only for the ex-serviceman. To fill or downland this form please confirm that you are an ESM[EX-Service Man]. The applicant has to select the appropriate region where the form will be submitted. After filling the application form please submit the form to the nearest canteen department from where you get the services.

The application form will be rejected if the form is not exactly printed as the format. The Canteen Smart Card is not issued to the applicant in this case. The penalty on the lost of the Canteen Card is Rs 500 pay for the first time and Rs 1000 is pay for the second time.

The URC-Unit Run Canteen required some documents from the defense employee who apply for the Canteen Card. the documents like copy of PAN card, a copy of Address proof, a copy of PPO-Pension Payment Order, Retirement order by the government, to pay Rs. 135 to URC, and the most important the application which is duly countersigned by the authority. The application form is countersigned by the officer who comes under the rank of undersecretary.

The Canteen Card issued with entitled GROCERY Card which is the only issue for the grocery stores. The card is also issued with the title of Liquor Card. It is only authorized for the Liquor stores. The validity of the card is 10 years from the issuing date. This Card will be renewed every year.

On 31 July 2015, The Government of India has decided and orders under the MoD Letter in which the canteen facilities are extended for the Retired Civilian Employee or Ex-Serviceman of the Defence.

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