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CREDIT CARD-Use to Buy Goods on Credit

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A CREDIT CARD is a small plastic card issued by the bank. A credit Card is used to purchase Goods and Services from Merchant on Credit. A credit card allows the cardholder to borrow money from a bank for purchase goods.

Types of Credit Cards

The main and important card is:-


[2]BALANCE TRANSFER CREDIT CARD, It is a perfect way to save money on a high-interest rate.The

[3]REWARDS CREDITS CARD, Under this card, there are three types of rewards card-cashback, point, and travel. People like travel reward card because of the facility provide them like free flight, stay hotel, and other benefits. The

[4]STUDENT CREDIT CARD specially designed for the college students. With the student credit card, the benefits of a reward, low-interest rate or balance transfer has come.

[5]CHARGE CARDS do not have a spending limit. You have to pay the balance at the end of every month. If the balance is paid then there is no finance charge. Late payment is the cause for a fee.

[6]SECURED CREDIT CARDS are for those people who do not have the credit history or who have damaged credit.

[7]SUBPRIME CREDIT CARDS are for those people who have a bad credit history and have high-interest fees or rate.

[8]PREPAID CARDS require money on to the card before it can be used. Until the money is not loaded into the card the spending limit does not renew.

[9]LIMITED PURPOSE CARD used at the specific location with the finance charge or minimum payment.

[10]BUSINESS CREDIT CARDS are specially designed and used for Business only. It provides an easy method to keep personal or business transaction separately.

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The benefit of Credit Card is to allow short-term loans made quickly. The easy access to credit, EMI facility, building a line of credit, flexible credit, incentives and offers, and purchase protection are the advantages of CREDIT CARD. The disadvantages of credit cards are the high-interest rate, minimum due trap, ease of overuse, credit card fraud etc.

The main feature of Credit Cards is allowing to the applicant an easy way to track expenses for personal or business related work like taxation and reimbursement purposes.  To get the credit card you have to be careful about choosing the type of credit card you want.

To apply for the credit card you can visit the web portal of your bank. You can not visit your bank branch. The online process is the easy way to get the credit card. You can visit the website of your bank and apply for the credit card. You have to fill some basic details like Name, Contacts Numbers, E-mail ID, Income, Address etc. You get a call from the bank and the staff member is going to inform you about online process. The documents are collected from your home by the representative. You can also apply directly for the best credit card at Paisabazaar .com   There is no need to visit the websites of different banks.

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Nowadays it is not possible that people come with hot pockets and carry a large amount of money all time. Instead of carrying a large amount of money, it is easy to carry the credit card which is linked up to your bank account. It is now in trend to make a payment in malls, hotels, or in stores by credit card. Your CREDIT CARD made more secure in case of your card may be stolen or lost the cash in your bank account stay secure and safe.

Credit Card – Apply

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