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Clean My Coach – PDF, Coach Mitra App, Complaint Number

Clean My Coach
Mukesh Jindal
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Clean My Coach – “Clean My Coach” initiative was taken by the Railway Ministry of India in the year 2016. This initiative falls under the prime minister’s “Swach Bharat Mission”. The central government of India sponsored scheme “Swach Bharat” was a need of the hour for India. Indian railway trains and stations were known as unhygienic place and that is why most of the people preferred plane journey over train journies. To boost up the revenue of the Indian Railways, the Railway Ministry of India has taken this initiative. Now the passengers can ask the onboard cleaning personnel to clean the coach. Previously the railway coaches were being cleaned on in the car shed. Every railway coach used to go through the cleaning process two times in a day. But cleaning the coaches for two times in a day was not sufficient, that’s why the railway governing bodies started this scheme. Now the cleaning personnel will be available on the moving train and passengers can ask them to clean the coach anytime.

Objective Of Clean My Coach Initiative

  • “Clean My Coach” is a part of “Swach Rail Sach Bharat” initiative. The main purpose of this initiative is to provide a better experience for the railway passengers.
  • “Digital India” movement started to provide government services in better and convenient manner to the citizens. Clean My Coach is a combination of Digital India and Swach Bharat initiative.
  • Clean My Coach
  • Passengers can ask for pest control or any kind of cleaning service on the moving train. The government officials say that this will change the way people used to travel before.
  • This initiative will boost the tourism industry as well. Previously foreigners used to visit this country for travel purpose. most of them went back to their countries with a dirty image of India and the central government is willing to change that perception.
  • The railway is connected to almost every citizen of India. Not only the railway stations but also the train coaches should be clean so that passengers can travel in a clean and hygienic environment.

Benefits of Clean My Coach

    • This scheme will be beneficial for the railway passenger across the country. Passengers can ask the onboard cleaning personnel to clean the coach anytime.
    • Not only cleaning services, but the passengers can also ask for pest control services as well.
    • Small repairing service requests can be launched through this scheme. In every moving train, there will be a dedicated team for cleaning and small repairing works and passengers can get access to their services by posting their request through text messages.
  • Passengers can travel in clean railway coaches and in every coach there will be proper waste disposal system. Not only air-conditioned coaches, now the general coaches will have proper waste disposal system.
  • This scheme will empower the passengers because they can rate and review the services. Also if they are not satisfied with the service, they can keep the complain open, by not providing the code to the onboard cleaning service provider.

Clean My Coach

Eligibility and Conditions Applying For Clean My Coach

  • You should have a valid ticket to avail the services of this scheme. Every passenger of a long distance passenger train will have access to the services of “Clean My Coach”.
  • The passengers can avail the service by simply sending a request to the onboard cleaning personnel.
  • To get the service the passengers have to send a text message to a toll-free number of the railway with their PNR number. Then the complaint will be sent to the personal number onboard cleaning service provider through the server. After finishing the cleaning, the cleaning service provider has to collect a code from the passenger. The cleaning service provider has to send the number back to the server to close the complaint.
  • If the passenger is not satisfied with the service, he may refuse to provide the code number to the onboard cleaning service provider. Thus the complaint will remain open.
  • Passengers can send their complaint to 9200003232 or 58888 number.
  • Passengers have to follow some steps to avail the service of the onboard housekeeping service provider. Passengers can avail the service by typing
  • CLEAN<space> PNR number of the passenger<space> service code
  • Passengers can get 6 different types of service through this scheme. If the passengers want to clean their coach then they have to type the code “C”.  for watering the coach the passengers have to type “W” in the service code. For pest control services, the passengers have to type “P”. if the passenger is willing to get a new bed or linen, they have to type “B” as their service code. If the passenger is facing a problem with the lighting or ac of the coach, he has to type “E” as the service code. For small repairing work, the passengers have to type “R”.

Clean My Coach

Required Documents

You should keep your identity card for verification and your railway tickets with yourself. To avail the cleaning service you have to provide your 10 digit PNR number. Also, the complaints will be registered from the number, which you have used to book the tickets.

How to Send Request for Clean My Coach Service

There are three  mentioned ways by which you can avail the facility of clean my coach which are described as follows for you. Check the following ways to gain more about the facilities offered by the government for the citizens for their use.

2. Website:

The online portal is also available as already mentioned above. The portal is named as the Clean My Coach and the link and the image of the online portal is given below for your guidance.

Sheetal | SarkariNiti

3. Through SMS:

The passengers who require cleanliness services in their coach can send an SMS at 54888 by typing CLEAN <10-digit PNR number>.

Sheetal | SarkariNiti

Complaint Number,7,1087

Contact Details

To get the cleaning service in your railway compartment, you have to send a message to 58888 or 9200003232 number.

Some Important Links     

Clean My Coach PDF


This initiative is considered to be a bold step of the railway ministry. Previously railway stations and railway compartments were in awful condition and most of the passengers were choosing bus service or airways to travel. This initiative will attract more travelers to travel on passenger trains. Previously complaints were being ignored by the railway employees, but with this initiative, the passengers have more power. If the passenger is not satisfied with the service, they can refuse to give the one time password for closing the complaint to the cleaning and maintenance service provider. Quick and efficient service has become available to the passengers because of this scheme. This step is also being considered a major step of the railway ministry for a clean and better India. “Clean My Coach” scheme will add more transparency and accountability in the Indian railway consumer care system.

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