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Chief Minister Scholarship Scheme in Punjab

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Launched on the 6th of June 2017 by the Government of Punjab under the name of ‘Chief Minister Scholarship Scheme’ with a resolve to provide cheaper and quality technical education to the students of the state who have performed meritoriously and come from a poor family background.

The scheme was launched under the Chief Minister Kaptain Amarinder Singh and formally inaugurated jointly by the Finance Minister of Punjab Manpreet Singh Badal and the Technical Education Minister Charanjit Singh Channi.


Highlights of the scheme

  • Launched on the 6th of June 2017
  • Fee Waiver scheme
  • Launched under the name of Chief Minister Scholarship Scheme

Details of the scheme

The scheme is a scholarship based launch that would implement as per the marks obtained by the student in Class X (10), the scheme is suggested to bring admissions up in Punjab with the launch of the scheme. The government has also promised to provide quality and affordable technical education to the poor and needy students under the scheme.

Objectives of the scheme

  • The government aims to increase admissions in government polytechnic and engineering colleges
  • To boost the level of hardship being made by the students who come from poor and needy families
  • To recruit the best of faculty members for the implementation of the scheme

Who would benefit from the scheme?

The scheme is aimed at benefiting the students who are residents of Punjab and are studying in

  • Government Polytechnic
  • Engineering colleges
  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh University, Bathinda
  • IKGPTU, Jalandhar.

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How does the fee waiver work?

  • 70 % fee waiver will be for the students scoring 60 to 70 % marks
  • 80 % fee waiver for students scoring 70 to 80 % marks
  • 90 % fee waiver for students scoring 80 to 90 %marks
  • Full waiver will be given to the students scoring 90 to 100 % marks

Eligibility Criteria

  • The student must be from a family background of less income
  • He/she must be a resident of the state of Punjab
  • He/she must be applying only to government-owned colleges
  • He/she must attain the percentage mentioned above to be eligible to avail the scheme.

Implementation of the scheme

The scheme would be completely under the supervision of the government and the students who are eligible to attain the fee waiver need not worry about paying any extra amount of money.


The government claims to fulfill what the previous government had left out on and be the better of both and help the students and parents of the state of Punjab attain the best education required.

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