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Chandranna Pelli Kanuka | Andhra Pradesh Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

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Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme

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In the state Andhra Pradesh as aims to start launched Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme in April 2018 as India diverse Culture where the inter-caste marriage is a significant concern. An initiative started by the Andhra Pradesh by the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh N. Chandrababu Naidu in order to promote Inter-caste marriages in the state by providing financial help given to the Brides of a different caste.

Andhra Pradesh always aims to benefit the various schemes under the social classes. Chandranna Pelli scheme is for the welfare of the brides who belong to the minorities or the backward class. An Organization was set up named Kalyana Mitra to get the chandranna bheema check status of the application or the incentive payable to the brides of the Andhra Pradesh State.

Brief Chandranna Pelli Kanuka scheme

The brief overview of the scheme Chandranna Pelli Kanuka scheme is given below in the table:

Scheme Name Chandranna Pelli Kanuka (CPK)
Aim of Scheme Financial Help to Married Couple
Launch of Scheme 18th April 2018
Chandranna Bheema Online Registration  20th April 2018
Official Website
Mode of application  Online, Offline, Meeseva, Mobile Android App

Benefits of Chandranna Pelli Kanuka

The economic support will be provided to the brides as mentioned earlier in the article under the reservation of the caste such as Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe, Backward Class. You should be aware of the benefits which are allocated to the brides belonging to the different categories. To be aware read the points explained below:

Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribe

The bridegroom and the bride which belong to the Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe will get the  financial help in the form of cash as the cash benefits are different for different categories:

A subsidy of Rs.40,000 will be given to the Bride and bridegroom only to the Scheduled Caste or tribe community, in case both belong to the same.

If the bride and the bridegroom belonging to the different category. As if the bride belongs to the SC/ST and the bridegroom belong to the other community then the couple will be given Rs.75,000 by the government.

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Backward Class

If both the bridegroom and the bride belong to the same backward category then the couple will be given a Financial help of Rs.30,000.

But if a Bride belong to the backward class and whereas bridegroom belong to the different category then the couple will be given Rs.75,000

Physically Challenged

If in case the couple is physically challenged then the couple will be given a financial help of Rs.1,00,000 by the Government.

Eligibility Criteria Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme

Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme can only be applied by the married or going to married candidates.

So check the Eligibility criteria for the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme, check the points below to know who can apply:

  • The candidate applying for the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme should be a resident of Andhra Pradesh state.
  • The bride applying for the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme should be belonging to SC / ST or backward class.
  • The bride should be above the age of 18 years during the marriage or above.
  • The groom should be above the age of 21 years at the time of marriage.
  • Only the candidate marrying can get the benefit of Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme after the  01.01.2018.
  • The candidate belonging to the below the poverty line and the White Ration cardholder is eligible for the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme.
  • The divorcees are not applicable to the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme.

Note: This scheme has not barred for the educational qualification set up as even the uneducated can also apply for Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme.

Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme Documents Required

The following given are the documents which are required in case you opt to apply for the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme. So have a look at the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme documents required below:

  • Birth certificate of the candidate or you can also give the SSC certificate of both the bride and groom.
  • Caste certificate of the couple is also required.
  • Nativity certificate or the domicile certificate of the couple is too required.
  • Aadhaar card of the couple is required as an identity proof of them.
  • Income certificate of the couple families is needed.
  • Wedding card of the couple marriage is required
  • Passport size photos of the bride and bridegroom are needed to be given.
  • Copy of bank passbook to give the bank details.
  • White ration card/BPL certificate is compulsory document one should exhibit.
  • In case the applicant is disabled then the SADAREM certificate or disability certificate of the applicant is required to be submitted.

Note: You can also give the ‘Integrated Certificate’ for the nativity, caste/community, birth certificate issued by Meeseva.

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Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme apply 

You can apply for the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme either online or the offline method as Meeseva center provide the facility for offline application for the Andhra Pradesh Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme. Or you can also call 1100 to apply the scheme

Apply Offline Andhra Pradesh Intercaste Marriage Scheme

The aspirants can enroll themselves for the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme as the applicant can apply either by visiting the Meeseva centers or Samakhya Office. Resident people of tribal areas can apply by visiting the Mandal Samakhya Office. You can apply for the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme also online as you have to register for the scheme 15 days before the marriage then only you would be able to avail the benefit of the scheme.

Apply online Andhra Pradesh Intercaste Marriage Scheme

You can apply online for the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme as the official website or the online portal is available for the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme. So read the information carefully if you are interested to apply online for the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme Andhra Pradesh.

Visit  ‘Chandranna Pelli Kanuka’  Website as if interested you can also make use of the link given below on over page to get the benefit of apply online for ‘Chandranna Pelli Kanuka’ scheme.

Click here

Reference Image:

| SarkariNiti
  • You have to log in to the portal.
  • Select the option Bride or groom.
  • Then enter your Aadhaar Number.
  • You will get the OTP on the number registered with Aadhaar number.
  • Enter the OTP you get on your mobile.
  • Then click on the submit option.
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  • Then the online application form for the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme.
| SarkariNiti
  • Enter the necessary details in the application form for Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Scheme.
  • Enter the marriage details.
| SarkariNiti
  • Submit the application form.
  • You will get the reference Number issued for your registered application.

Note – Only 20% of the financial help according to the category will be given to the bride before the marriage and rest of 80% of the amount will be given after the marriage.

Chandranna Pelli Kanuka Mobile App

The mobile app is also launched by the government of Andhra Pradesh for benefitting the more and more people under the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka scheme.  If interested to get the Chandranna Pelli Kanuka scheme mobile app and you can make use of the mobile app from google play store. You can get the mobile app by downloading it and installing it on your device and use the app.

Make use of the link below to get the app.

Click here

Reference Image:

| SarkariNiti

Contact info

District wise toll-free number has been given for the assistance of the user at the page.

S.No. District Name Toll-Free Number
1. Ananthapuramu 1800 425 5032
2. Chittoor 1800 425 5035
3. East Godavari 1800 425 5041
4. Guntur 1800 425 5038
5. Kadapa 1800 425 5033
6. Krishna 1800 425 5039
7. Prakasam 1800 425 5037
8. Nellore 1800 425 5036
9. Kurnool 1800 425 5034
10. Srikakulam 1800 425 5044
11. Visakhapatnam 1800 425 5042
12. West Godavari 1800 425 5040
13. Vizianagaram 1800 425 5043

Toll-Free Number – 155214, 1100

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