Center Govt. to implement 6000 crore “Atal Bhoojal Yojana” for 78 Districts

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As we know in India farmers are facing water scarcity problem due to that farmers are committing suicide. To avoid this kind of happenings and also to increase the level of water, Govt. of India going to start water conservation scheme known as “Atal Bhoojal Yojna” very soon. All drafts of the scheme are almost done. It’s a 6000 crore scheme which will provide benefits for water-stressed regions of India. Cabinet minister Nitin Gadkari raised this project for funding in front of the finance ministry and World Bank.

Center Govt. to implement 6000 crore "Atal Bhoojal Yojana" for 78 Districts


Here the objective of “Atal Bhoojal Yojna: is to escape from the water crisis. Under this scheme govt. has planned to save groundwater by applying various techniques to help farmers. The main focus is to maintain water level on the earth surface and also to avoid droughts.

Significance and Importance of Atal Bhoojal Yojana

In this scheme, ground level water will recharge and it will provide water especially for the agriculture use because in the past various years, the ground water level decreasing day by day and reached to a great extent which is very dangerous. Due to this scheme, the water level of rivers will also increase and it will also help in the concern rural areas. The water of Ganga river will be used under this scheme to increase the ground of water. As everyone knows our farmers of India facing a problem of droughts or problem of water scarcity in the various regions of India, this scheme will definitely help them to earn their better livelihood. The Water resource ministry is aggressively working on it, when it did then Finance Ministry will approve the funds for the scheme and then The scheme will be implemented and executed all over India.

Current Scenario of Atal Bhoojal Yojana

As we know that water-stressed problem is increasing day by day in India, Currently the scenario is not good because if we did not take right step for water conservation the results will be very bad. Mainly in the region of Gujrat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, union territory Daman diu and Pondicherry. Every day the situation getting critical day by day. Due to the decrease in water level all wells, rivers and canals are decreasing with every Passing day. Due to this more burden is going to impose on farmers.

Benefits especially for water-stressed states

This scheme will provide benefits to 78 districts, 193 blocks and more than 8000 Gram panchayats across the states Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The focus is to recharge ground level water and also to ensure proper utilization of water resources with the proper cooperation of local people of the concern areas.


If this project passed and implement accordingly then definitely it will help to increase the ground level water, but it is not possible without the help of local peoples. Joint efforts of local people and Govt. together it can be a successful scheme.

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