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Bus Free Pass in Tamil Nadu

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

On the 18th of July 2016, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa launched a scheme for students that is named as the Free Bus Pass Scheme. This scheme was launched in order to help students by providing them free bus passes for their journey by bus. The scheme would allow them to travel freely by bus if they have their bus pass.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu launched this scheme for the financial year of 2016-2017 by giving 5 smart cards to the beneficiaries. This scheme is covered by the government of Tamil Nadu which covered 31.11 lakh students. Chief Minister also mentioned that this scheme is also beneficial for college students.


Features of this scheme

  • The purpose of this scheme is benefitting the school and college going student of Tamil Nadu as it will provide them passes which they would be able students to use while traveling by bus.
  • This scheme feature to support the students from a poor background.
  • In last 3 years, this scheme benefitted 28.05 lakh students from a poor background. But this year 31.11 lakh students from poor background will be provided free bus pass.
  • The estimated expenses for this scheme is Rs 504.31 crore. This scheme aims to provide smart card passes to the students under this scheme’s budget.

Eligibility Criteria under free bus pass scheme

  • All students of all schools including students of government arts and Science College’s and the government polytechnic college are eligible for this scheme.
  • The students of industrial training institute can also avail this scheme.

Benefits offered to the students

  • Under this scheme, students would be also provided smart cards with a free bus pass.
  • Students can use their cards at the time of traveling by bus and with the help of service.
  • This scheme is hardly beneficial for students from the poor background because it is hard for them to pay the bus fare at times.
  • Under this scheme, Each and every student can travel without giving any fare.

Government contribution towards the scheme

  • After launching this scheme Tamil Nadu government are giving theirs best for managing the scheme properly.
  • The government increased the number of beneficiaries under this scheme as they now will provide free passes to 31.11 lakh students.
  • The government also increased the budget of the scheme to cover more students under the scheme.earlier the budget of the scheme was INR. 480 Crore but now the budget has been increased to INR. 504.31 Crore.


The scheme would allow the students from the poor sectors to avail the bus services and beat the heat. This scheme would also help students be home before dark and keep them safe and sound until they are home. This would allow bridging the gap between the common people and the government of Tamil Nadu.


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