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Biju Gadi Chalak Bima Yojana – Insurance Scheme for Drivers

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Launched on the 1st of July the state government is intended introduction of a new health insurance scheme to cover vehicle drivers as they have a higher possibility of facing road mishaps. Odisha is considered to not have a very high prone accident zone, it records around 1.97 percent share in the total number of accidents in the country. Last year the state of Odisha recorded around 9,658 road accident cases, 3,931 people were killed and 11,087 other were injured.


Highlights of the scheme

  • Launched as the Biju Gadi Chalak Bima Yojana
  • Insurance scheme for vehicle drivers
  • The scheme would cover all kinds of accidental and death covers

Key features of the Insurance scheme

  • The scheme would provide health insurance to cover all vehicle drivers
  • This would give them cover in the case of death and medical treatment in the event of injury sustained in road accidents
  • Several aspects are being considered including the premium amount of the scheme
  • All drivers including
  • Trucks
  • Auto-rickshaws

Objective of the Insurance scheme

  • The scheme is aimed at benefitting victims of accident cases
  • To offer all the drivers working within the state with a health scheme

Implementation process

The implementation of the yojana is yet not finalized, the government is working on deciding the premium amount and other aspects to be provided under the yojana. The insurance department is trying to tie up with companies that offer health insurance. This would be done by the labor & Employees State Insurance (ESI) Department with the collaboration of transport department because the transport department has the database of drivers working across the state.


Once the scheme is launched this would be life saver scheme, the drivers within the state of Odisha and their families would feel safer and stress-free of what the outcome of accident would be in case if such an event should take place. The scheme would really have massive benefits between the government and the common man of the state.

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