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The Ration Card is the legal document which is used as the identity proof as well as to get the Ration at the subsidized prices. You can get the Ration at the low price because the people who belong to the poor families who can’t avail the basic food items for them and their family. So the government of Bihar has decided to help those families who can’t get the food. Even the Rich families also have ration card not for availing the ration but as a document for the identity of their family.

in this article below you will come to know about the sfc card details of the Bihar state and also about the Ration list, Ration card types and you will also be guided to search ration card details by name.

Ration card Type Bihar

As the Other state Bihar state also have the basic three types of Ration cards which are described to you below. Have a look at the type to know which category of PDS or the Ration card you lie.

  1. APL Ration Card
  2. BPL Ration Card
  3. AAY Ration Card


  1.  APL Ration Card– The families who are above the poverty line and has an income above 50,000 per year are issued which the APL ration card as the APL stands for Above Poverty Line.
  2. BPL Ration Card- The BPL Ration card stands for Below Poverty Line the people whose family income is less than the 50,000 per annum are issued the BPL Ration cards.
  3. AAY Ration Card- The Antyodaya Ration card is issued to the people who are the poorest, means they don’t have a fixed income are issued the AAY ration cards.

Benefits of Ration card

The benefits which are provided or the people can avail who have the Ration card are pointed below. Check the points carefully to avoid any confusion.

  • You can apply for the Voter card by presenting the Ration card as the Identity proof.
  • You can also get the Mobile SIM card by giving the photocopy of the Ration card.
  • The driver license can be applied
  • It also hel0ps you to get the Passports.
  • You get the basic food items such as Rice and Wheat at the affordable prices.

Documents Required for Availing PDS service Bihar

To apply for the Ration card Bihar then you should have the documents which are pointed below, then only you can apply for the Ration card for the Bihar state.

  • Aadhar Card of the candidate
  • LPG connection number details
  • Income details of All Family Members
  • Electricity bill
  • Voter identity card of the candidate

Online Portal

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The online portal of Bihar food supply is available as the name of the online portal is Bihar State Khadya and Asenak Aputri Nigam run and monitored by the food supply and the consumer affairs department, the online portal will help the people to get the facility regarding the Ration card details or the Ration card List easily online which will be described in the article later. If you want to visit the online portal then click on the link

Services at the FCS Bihar

You will get the following services at the online portal of the Bihar  FCS or the PDS.

  • Download e challan
  • Register Your Mobile Phone
  • FP shop wise comprehensive
  • FP shop wise allotment report
  • SIO Status Report
  • Subdivision wise Performance Report

Apply for New Ration card Bihar

Following are the steps to apply the ration card for the Bihar state.

  • Click below to visit the official website to apply online.


  1. You have to log in to the portal for which you should be registered at the online portal of PDS Bihar.
  2. Following the login process is explained to you before applying for the Ration card Bihar.
  3. You have to enter the Username and the password to login at the online portal of PDS Bihar.
  • Then Click on the Bihar Ration form 2018-2019.
  • Enter the details asked in the form
  • Submit the application form at the portal
  • You will get the acknowledgment slip for the registered application at the portal.
  • You can make use of the acknowledgment slip to view the Ration/Rashan card status of your application by login at the portal.
  • You will be issued the Permanent Ration card within a month.

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Offline method

You can download the application form from the portal of the PDS Bihar as the link for the application form is also given below on our page, you can also make use of the link to get the application form hard copy.

  • You can also get the application form from the regional office / SDO
  • Fill the application form.
  • Submit the application form by attaching the documents mentioned earlier and the passport photograph attested from the gazetted officer or the MP/MLA of your region.
  • Submit the form to the concerned department.
  • You will be issued the Ration card after the verification of your application.

APL/BPL Ration card List Bihar

The online portal also provides the people with the facility to view the name in the ration card list issued by the government. The people belonging to the APL and the BPL families can view their name in the list as below the ration card number search method will be explained to the reader for the convenience of the users.

Check name in Ration List Bihar

To view your name in the Ration list follow the following steps:

  • Click here or visit the portal of Food and Consumer Protection Department, Bihar to see the name online in the Ration Card list.
    | SarkariNiti
  • Click on the Option Ration card Details.
  • Then the following image appears.
    | SarkariNiti
  • Then click on the name of your district.
    | SarkariNiti
  • Then click on your Taulk/ Tehsil.
    | SarkariNiti
  • Then the FP list means the fair price shop list will appear.
  • Select your FP Shop by clicking on it.
    | SarkariNiti
  • Then select the name of the head of the family from the list visible to you on the screen.
    | SarkariNiti
  • Then click on the option show details.
  • You will get the required details of your Ration card in the list.
  • The image is as follows you can get the print of the details as the option is available at the portal.
    | SarkariNiti

Major benefits of Bihar Ration Card 2018 list

As now your aware to how to check the details of your Ration card in the list as mentioned in the above topic. Following are the advantages of the Ration card list.

  • Citizen of the Bihar state will now easily check their name online in the list issued on the online portal.
  • The beneficiary whose name appeared in the list will get the ration at the low prices than the market price.
  • The people who have registered will only avail the facility.
  • The ration is provided of the people according to the members in the family whose name have been in the ration card.

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Bihar ration card list complaint

You can also list your complaint or the grievance ta the online portal as the PDS Bihar online portal provide its user with the service of registering the complaint.

To register the complaint.

Reference image :

| SarkariNiti

Fill the application visible to you by entering the personal information and the address and contact details.

You can also upload the images regarding your complaint at the portal of PDS Bihar.

Check the status of the complaint

To check the status of the complaint you have registered at the online portal of the PDS Bihar.

Enter the Grievance Reg. Id and then click on get status.

See image:

| SarkariNiti

SIO Status Report

| SarkariNiti

You can get the SIO Status Report result at the online portal as shown in the image below. You will get the details for the data you have entered.

| SarkariNiti

Fair price shop

| SarkariNiti

Click here to get the fair price shops details in your area. You will have to enter the detail of the Year, month, Block, District FP Shop details. You will get the details of the FP shop as follows:

| SarkariNiti

Download e-challan

You can also download the e-challan from the portal by clicking on the link.

| SarkariNiti

Contact details

You get the contact details of the respective officer of your area on the portal as the link is also provided along click here

Toll-free number  1800 – 3456 – 194 

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