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Bhulekh Kerala

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It will lessen the unnecessary visits to Patwari as people can select their district on Map and enter the details required yo know about their land. Now the job made easy for the farmers if they want to know about their land they can now know it easily by online portal being launched by the government.

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Objective of E-Rekha

The e-Rekha portal has the following objectives:

  • Give digital access to survey records anywhere any time to all the stakeholders especially landowners.
  •  Protect the interest of various stakeholders especially to the government.
  • To ensure transparency on land transactions it conducts the survey from time to time to check the type and quality of information provided at the portal.

Benefits of Bhulekh

The benefits which the Bhulekh portal provides are as follows. Check the Benefits list below.

  1. The scheme saved the time of the people as n0w they don’t have to visit the Patakar office to get his land detail.
  2. With the launch of the online portal, you can view the information from your home.
  3. The options are provided to the user at the portal to make use of them by entering either the Measles number or the Jamabandi Number or the owner name means you can search the information about your land by any method.
  4.  Under the portal of the Kerala Land record scheme, you can get the map for your land.

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Services provided at the portal

The services which are provided at the portal which are mentioned as follows:

  • File Search
  • Verification
  • Record and rate
  • Record Catalogue

Services available for

The services which are available online at the online portal vary as the survey are being conducted for the same and the result of the survey are mentioned below. The survey gives the information about the number of villages covered for the online portal means the information on the villages whose land information can be accessed online.

Preliminary survey
Total villages Online:95

Total villages online:772

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Records & Rates

The record and the rates which are applicable if you are interested to get the Map of a particular area. Check the table below which contain the information regarding the map for the particular type of land or type and the fee or the charges are also mentioned along.


Sl. No Type of records Fees per page in Rs. (including tax)
1 Taluk Map 1000
2 District Map 1000
3 Litho map (Old Survey) 1000
4 Block Map (Re survey) 1000
5 Measurement Plan(Old Survey) 750
6 FMB Resurvey 750
7 Land Register (Resurvey) 1400
8 Settlement Register 1400
9 Correlation Statement 1000
10 Area List 550

Online portal

The online portal is available for the ease. You can open the portal and make use of it by finding the detail of Land record. Everyone wants to get everything done as fast as possible and in easy ways. It aims to set up new time-saving technologies for citizens. The online portal launched by the Kerala government which provide the online information is named as E-Rekha by Bhoomikeralam, Kerala Land Information Mission.

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Application for document verification

You can verify your documents at the portal as the option is provided at the portal. You can visit the official website for document verification or click on the link given on the page along. Application verification

The image is also provided below for the convenience of the reader. Enter all the necessary detail such as Name, address and more info required.

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List of FMB Data Online in Kerala

You can get the online list of the FMB at the portal for which you can either visit the official website or make use of the link given on our page. The steps and image are also provided below for the assistance of the reader. Check the link below.

  • Click on the link along to get the List of FMB data online. FMB LIST
  • Open the link given above and the following image will appear.
  • Select your District.
  • Select your Taulk.
  • Select your Live villages in Taulk.
  • Then for the detailed view, you have to click on show village and the block.
  • The data appear in the form of pdf.

File Search at e- Reka/ Survey

The online portal provides you the option to search your file online and the user is provided with two options to search the file at the portal either by the use of the old surveyor according to the new survey.

  • Click on the link given along. File search
  • Select your District.
  • Select your Taulk.
  • Select your Block.
  • Select your Village.
  • Select the survey Number.
  • Then submit the application.
  • You will get the desired result.

District Maps at Bhulekh

You can find your district map on the online portal as the portal will help by providing the map online for the use in the future. If you are interested to check the map of your area you can search the map on the online portal. To find the map of the area you can either visit the online portal or make use of the link given on the page below.

  • Click on the link District map
  • The image is also shown for the assistance of the user. Check the image below.
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  • Select your District.
  • Submit the application.
  • You will get the map as shown in the image below.

Contact info

You can get the information and contact detail. Either you can get it on the official website or you can make use of the link given on the page to get more information.

Kerala land Information Mission

State Project Office, Museum Bains Compound


email: [email protected]

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