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BHIM referral and Cashback Scheme

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made payments easier for the citizens by launching a new merchant app. BHIM- Aadhar is the app through which payments will be accepted using the Aadhar identity. Two other schemes have also been launched following this. These are “BHIM Referred Bonus Scheme” and “BHIM Cashback” schemes for the costumes and merchants respectively. All these initiatives have been taken to promote digital India or basically digital payments. BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money and has launched many schemes in favour of the Digital India project.

BHIM app is being promoted through these schemes. BHIM referral bonus and cash back scheme aims to increase the usage of BHIM app. Also, this consequently leads to the emphasis on digital payments. A total budget of RS. 495 Crore has been set by the government for 6 months. This budget will be allocated for the implementation of the schemes. The schemes are mainly launched for the BHIM app users and to increase its usage consequently increasing digital transactions. This will help reduce the chaos and help to make the system more and more transparent.


BHIM Referral Bonus Scheme

Now, this scheme is basically attracting new users and so providing benefits to the existing ones. BHIM referral bonus scheme provides a cash bonus to both the old and new users. They will get this benefit when they refer new users. The cash bonus will be directly transferred to their account. Every successful referral will credit the bank account of the beneficiary with Rs. 10. Make three people download the app and explain them the working and then you will get the respective amount from the government. People can earn a lot through this scheme by referring more and more people. We have a huge contact list and this is the right time to utilise it and avail benefits. Also, the new users will get access to these benefits under the scheme. The cash bonus will be directly transferred to their accounts.

BHIM Cashback Scheme for Merchants

The BHIM cashback scheme is basically for the merchants who will get a cash back on every transaction done using BHIM which is again very beneficial for them. Also, there is another benefit for the business transactions. Individuals who will install the BHIM application for such transactions will get Rs 25 in their bank accounts. This increases the number of people using this application and also fulfils the aim of the scheme. Aiming different sections and providing benefits spreads the word and increases the use of this particular application.

Digital payments need to be a compulsory part of the daily life. It becomes very important to make sure that the schemes launched by the government become stable and utilize mass support for the effective implementation of the digital motive. The digital transactions solve a lot of ongoing problems in the country. Even when it will take a lot of time to gather mass support in the digital transaction but these small initiatives will surely promote this.   The government basically aims to increase the use of the BHIM app through the use of BHIM referral bonus and cash back scheme. This will consequently increase the use of digital payments. The scheme will be a major contributor towards making India a cashless economy.

Both schemes are to be administered by MEITY and implemented by NPCI. New schemes will run until 14 October as that was day Ambedkar Saheb took Diksha.


The Digital India initiative of the government needs a lot of support from the general public. The government is making all efforts to make digital transactions frequent and add to the development of the country. Digital mode of payment will make it very easy for the government to eradicate the major problems going on in the country. It is an effective initiative to slowly remove the tedious cash payments and transfers which otherwise have no record. The BHIM app surely contributes to this big initiative and so we need to promote it at various levels so that more and more people use it. We hope that the scheme works the same way as it is planned and this advancement is adapted as soon as possible.

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