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Bhavan Fellowship and Student Internship

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Recently the Government Department of Science and Technology of India and the Indo-US Science department along with the Technology Forum courteously invited all Indian candidates to apply for the Bhavan Fellowship & Student Internship. The application forms are open interested candidates in the field of Doctoral (pursuing PhD or M.Tech.) and professional (PhD /M.Tech. /M.Arch.) engaged in research activity in the field of Energy Efficient Building. The following Bhavan Fellowship & Student Internship applicant’s aims to maintain a developed long-term research and development collaboration between India & the United States of America by using the research programs related to Energy Efficient Building. The picked possibility for the fellowship and internship projects will get a month to month stipend, possibility remittance, medicinal protection and an air passage for their travel. This scholarship is an opportunity for the best and the brightest Indian students and scientists to gain exposure and access to world class research facilities in the American academia and labs.


Benefits of the fellowship and Student Internship Scholarship program

  • Air fare return ticket:

The following candidates will be provided with economy class return airfares from the shortest route.

  • A Monthly Stipend & Contingency Allowance:

A suitable amount will be offered to the candidates to support their living expenses in the US in the form of a Monthly Stipend and Contingency Allowance.

  • Health Insurance:

The fellows and interns will be provided with insurance cover during their stay for the Fellowship/Internship

Required Eligibility and Conditions for Bhavan Fellowship & Student Internship

  1. Nationality: 

    The Internship/Fellowship is only for Indian Citizens only.

  2. Age: 

    The age of the eligible candidate needs to be up till 32 years (on the 31st of December 2016) for Internship programs and for Fellowship programs the age of the applying candidate needs to be up to 40 years (on February 29, 2016).

  3. Qualification: 

    The qualification would depend upon whether the application is being made for Fellowship or Internship:

  • For Fellowship: The applicants should have the following degrees:
  • PhD/ M.Tech./ M.Arch. Degree.
  • For Internship: The candidate should be pursuing any of the following degrees
  • PhD/ M.Tech./ M.Arch. Degree.
  1. Employment: 

    The fellowship applicants must be affiliated with a publically funded R&D Lab/ S&T Institution (non-private) that is a part of a reputed University or College in India.

  2. Independent Research: 

    The selected candidates should be engaged in independent research on extra-mural or industrial supported research projects and must have a published article in high-impact academic journals

Documents required for Bhavan Fellowship & Student Internship

  1. For Student Internship

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Acceptance from the host institute in the US.
  • Two letters from referees for recommendation
  • No-Objection Certificate as per the format is given in the application form.
  1. For Fellowship

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Acceptance from host Institute in the US.
  • Letters of Recommendation.
  • You would need your current employer’s statement in the format provided in the application form.

Application Procedure for the Fellowship and Internship project

  • Applications for the Students Internship and Fellowship program will only be accepted online and the application process is as follows:
  • The forms are intended for the Student Internship as well as Fellowship would be made available online and can be made offline from the official website at IUSSTF.
  • Click here to make the Internship Application Form offline.
  • The Fellowship Application forms are available at this link to Click here 
  • The following documents mentioned-above are to be attached along with the required application form
  • The Bhavan Fellowship applications form along with the required documents should be formed in a single pdf file having a maximum of 20 pages
  • The subject of the submission email must be ‘Building Energy Efficiency.’
  • The applications should be dispatched by the Head of the Department/Institute to the following email id [email protected]

Contact Details

The applicant can contact to the following address for more information: Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, Fulbright House, 12, Hailey Road, New Delhi

Email ID: [email protected]

References & Details

For more information regarding Bhavan Fellowship & Student Internship visit


The Following Scheme would enable applicants who are looking forward to building something out of their careers abroad and also help the nation with their ideas and innovation at the end of it all. Success is what everyone wants to achieve and this is an opportunity that every candidate should grab for because these come once in a life time and would be a leader in every step you take in a career.


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