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The word “Ayushman” is a Sanskrit Word which means live a long life or blessed with a long life. The New scheme was launched by the Prime Minister of India on the eve of the Independence day (15 August 2018) as the scheme was named as the Ayushman Bharat so that people can easily relate to the scheme so it is clear that it is a health scheme. The Scheme already became the part of the Budget session of 2018-2019 in the parliament as the Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs Mr. Arun Jaitley, introduced Ayushman Bharat Programme.

The first phase of the Scheme is to start from the 25 September 2018 and the objective of the scheme is to provide the health insurance to the people who belong to the poor background who can’t afford the expenses of their treatment. The scheme is believed to be the highest funded health scheme in the world and the funds for the scheme is Rs 1200 crore and the Scheme will be the part of the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana PMJAY. The scheme will benefit approx 10 crore people and more than 50 lakh families who belong to the low background will be covered for the scheme.

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The scheme is aimed to be accessible, accountable and will ensure to provide the quality service to the people of India. More than 1.5 LAKH health centers will provide the Complete healthcare facilities to the people along with the private hospitals and institutions are also empaneled with the scheme and number of hospitals will also be established for the smooth functioning of the scheme. The scheme will be implemented by the NHA national Health Mission Agency of India, Dr. Indu Bhushan, CEO of the NHA. The scheme will cover more than 1354 types of diseases or the treatment for the same as the secondary and the tertiary services and their expenses are also covered within the scheme. The scheme of Ayushman is a Health Insurance scheme which will provide the insurance of Rs 5 Lakh to each member of the family and the treatment of the member who is the part of the Ayushman will be done free of cost.

The Ayushman Bharat will benefit the 80% of the Rural population and 60 % of the Urban Population. The people will get the benefit of the scheme as the ordered way is designed for the scheme. The government has selected the eligible people for the scheme according to the SECC means the Socio-Economic Caste Census of the year 2011 and the survey has revealed the people details who personal require the service or the health insurance under the scheme. The data is collected on the basis of the census is compiled and the verification of the data has been done. The online portal has been designed for the Ayushman scheme which will be PMJAY Mission portal. The people can visit the portal to avail the information as the list for the beneficiaries has been uploaded by the government.

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The people can visit the portal of the Ayushman Bharat and get the information regarding the scheme as well as they can also check their name in the list which has been uploaded to the portal. The name can be checked easily on the portal by entering the Mobile number to get the OTP on the mobile then he/she can search the name in the list as the number of search option are provided. The people interested can check the name in the list to know whether they are eligible for the Ayushman Bharat Scheme or not. The search is according to the name, mobile number, ration card.

The Beneficiary people will be issued with the Family card and the individual card for the scheme and the beneficiary has to just represent the card to avail the treatment and he/ she will also be provided with the choice to get the treatment in the desired hospital. The candidate is also provided with the call center service where he can register the complaint, find the nearby hospitals empaneled and answer to every query will be provided to the people on the 24/7 call center service. As at the beginning of the scheme, the people who are eligible will be provided with the information letter regarding the Ayushman Bharat scheme and they will reach the home of the Beneficiary either by the ASHA worker or the Ayushman Pakwaras or by Email. Later on, people will be issued with the cards to avail the scheme.

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With proper planning, implementation, services, education, awareness, and monitoring  Ayushman Bharat, will become the most successful healthcare scheme in the world which will surely is sure to enhance productivity and well being of the people of the country.

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