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with the launch of the schemes daily which aim to benefit the user of the country as the schemes launched day to today not only aim for the betterment of the economy of the country but some of the schemes are also launched for the betterment of the health of the people. The government has launched yet another scheme for the same cause. The scheme was launched on the national day of Holy India that is Independence day and the scheme was named as the Ayushman Bharat Scheme. The scheme was earlier announced in the budget for the year 2018 and the objective of the scheme is to provide the national health protection and aims for the wellness of the people. The Yojana will help the people to live a healthy life.

The scheme targets to cover almost 10 crore people of the country under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme.

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Ayushman Bharat Family cards under AB-NHPM

To sort the scheme of the health and the medical facility of the scheme to the 110 million families as according to the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

To get about the scheme thoroughly the points are mentioned as follows:

Sheetal | SarkariNiti
  1. The scheme is cashless as the treatment will be provided to the people cashless without charging any money from them. The poor families of the country will be issued with the Ayushman Family Cards to the people who deserve the cards.
  2. The other Major aim is distributing the 107 Million letters containing the information about the Ayushman Scheme to avoid any sort of confusion among the people of the country.
  3. The Procedure of Providing letters under the yojana to the deserving candidates is aimed to be completed by the year 2020.
  4. The Rural Residents will also be made aware of the scheme as simple possible ways as required.
  5. The best Part of the scheme is that the families having existing services availed will not be denied to the families who have not received the Information Letters regarding the scheme.
  6. The Family card of the Ayushman Scheme will have the following mentioned details such as:

Name of the head and the other members of the family.

Details about the family such as contact info and address.

The above mentioned are the key points of the Yojana which can guide you.

Assistance By call Center on Ayushman Scheme

The yojana became more efficient as it has the call center service. The 24/7 service will be provided to the people at the call center have been established for the same and they have been set up under the branches of Government of India -New Delhi. The reason for setting up a call center in the capital Delhi is to solve the problems of the people regarding the scheme or if any candidate has any query about the scheme is also solved easily. The confusion about the services under the scheme will also be solved for the people ease and comfort. The people will able to know about the Empaneled Hospital detail nearby them to get their treatment done or to avail the other facility regarding the health care by calling the helpline numbers or the call centers as the Ayushman Yojana has taken this initiative. The people will also be provided with yet another facility of registering online through the Call centers whether they have to register the complaint or the suggestion regarding the Ayushman scheme.

How Can you get the Ayushman Family card?

The following mentioned are the three types of approaches by which you will be able to get the Family card of the Ayushman Scheme at your home. For the successful reach of the family cards to the people, the government has selected few of the workers from the village itself who are aware of the people in that area and can be able to give the card to the eligible candidate at the earliest as possible. The Ayushman Became the most popular Yojana of the time.

The distribution of the cards or the information letters of the schemes will be given by the following :

  • ASHA Worker– The ASHA worker is the resident of the area she works in most of the cases and she knew each and every family details so she can provide the door to door delivery of the Cards or the Information letters of the Ayushman Scheme.
  • Ayushman Pakhwaras– The distribution of the Ayushman cards or the information letters can be done through the Ayushman Pakhwaras under the Yojana.
  • Village Programs – The Village contact programme can be organized in the particular area of the village or region for the people to invite for the programme to distribute the Yojana Ayushman Cards to them.
  • Online Service – The online service means you can also get the family card on your mail id as the department will also mail the family cards to the people on their mail id registered. The people can later on get the Individual card from the ambit hospital or the CSC center nearby, it is one of the great features of the Ayushman Yojana.

What are the Benefits of Ayushman Family card?

The list of the benefits of the Ayushman Family card or the Individual Card listed below for your assistance. You can check the list below to avail the information regarding the advantages of the Ayushman cards. Have a look at the Benefits of the Yojana:

  1. The Cashless Treatment of the people is done at the hospitals such as Public/Private Healthcare Providers.
  2. It also covers the hospitalization care for the Secondary or the tertiary treatment services is given as in the yojana.
  3. The family cover of Rs 5 Lakh is provided to each family under the scheme.
  4. The family size or the number of the member in the family doesn’t matter as the health coverage of full family is provided under the scheme.
  5. The pre-existing diseases are also covered under the scheme.
  6. The people can avail of the health care facility across the country as it is a portable scheme.
  7. Alternative Medicine Systems other than Allopathic is also covered.
  8. Allowance for the Fixed Transportation is provided to the people from the place of residence to hospital.

Who will get the Family card Under Ayushman scheme?

The answer to the above question is that the people who are eligible for the scheme will get the benefit of the scheme and they will only get the Family cards under the Ayushman Scheme. According to the census survey of the year 2011, under the Yojana, the government will issue the cards to the families or the people who are the eligible candidate for the scheme as the scheme is the family scheme. The scheme is aimed to benefit the 80% people of the rural areas and the 60% people of the urban areas will become the beneficiaries of the scheme. In the first phase of the scheme, the family cards will be provided from 6 to 8 crore families.

Ayushman Helpline

To Know more about the scheme you can call 14555 to get each and every detail about the Ayushman Bharat Scheme. The Yojana can be of great use if you are aware of it.

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