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Annapurna Bhojnalaya Scheme in UP

Mukesh Jindal
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Under the Cm Yogi Government will Provide Breakfast For Rs.3 and Lunch For Rs.5 in order to provide assistant to poor people of the state. The tagline for the scheme is “UP Annapurna Bhojanalya Yojana”. Under this scheme labourer, Rikshaw Drivers and other poor people will get three times food at cheap rates using a “Plastic Card” which will be valid till 07 days. As per sources, the draft of “Annapurna Bhojanalya” scheme is arranged and it will initiate in Public Private Partnership (PPP) in all the 14 Municipal Corporations of the state. Yogi Government also fixed the menu details and timings for catering breakfast and lunch.

Up govt. will spend around Rs. 153.39 crores for this project. According to a news, if any person will take breakfast, lunch & dinner, in that case, he has a need to give only Rs. 13 while it total cost comes around Rs. 48 in other places.


What is Annapurna Restaurant Plan?

Under this scheme of Breakfast costs 3 rupees and meal 5 rupees, morning breakfast and day and night meals will be provided. Under this scheme, daliya, idli-sambhar, poha and tea-pakora will be provided in breakfast and roti, seasonal vegetables, tur dal and rice will be provided at the time of the meal. Annapurna Restaurant will be opened in all the municipal areas of the state.

The Annapurna canteen and bhojnalya will be established near places of most crowded in the city where students, labours and other poor people can get their food. The actual cost of the total food of the day will be Rs 48 per day. But you have to pay only Rs 13 and remaining rupees will be paid by the government.

Detailed Menu

Breakfast timing – 7 AM to 10 PM

  • Daliya Tea
  • Kachori -2 pieces
  • Poha
  • Bread Pakoda
  • Namkeen
  • Channa Bung

Lunch Timing- 12 PM T0 03 PM

  • Six Chapatis
  • Seasonal Receptacle
  • Arhar Dal with Rice
  • Salad
  • Veg Biryani

Important Points of Annapurna Bhojnalaya Scheme in up

  1. In the state capital, Lucknow gov. has planned to open 28 Annapurna Canteens.
  2. In Kanpur city also, 28 Canteens will be open.
  3. At Ghaziabad 20 Canteens are to be planned to open.
  4. At Gorakhpur 18 Canteens will be open.

The breakfast will provide at Rs. 3 and lunch provide at Rs. 5

Benefits of nutritious diet to needy people

Clean, hygienic and nutritious food for poor people


Rules Implemented under UP Annapurna Bhojnalaya Scheme

Yogi Government has also stated some rules and these are meant to be strictly implemented in Bhojanalya;

Under this food serving Yojana, you will be provided food in their own utensils.

Even in the case of drinking, the liquid, water, chai and all will give their own glasses.

In these Bhojnalayas along with the utensils, facility of water purifier, wash basin, dustbins and toilets are also maintained.

Indeed, it’s clear that our Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath really wants to serve such a facilitate foodstuff services to needy and poor by feeding them at affordable prices under, UP Annapurna Bhojnalaya Yojana.

So, in order to brawl with hunger and feed the needy, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath launch UP Annapurna Bhojnalaya Yojana at affordable prices, where no one will starve at night at morning or the whole day.

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