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Annapurna Akshaya Patra Yojana – INR. 10 Meal Scheme in Chandigarh

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Launched by the government of Punjab and Haryana the new Annapurna Akshayapatra Yojana in Chandigarh would provide the poor sections of societies with food at a very cheap rate. Though the food packets are strictly for the poor people within the state of Chandigarh they contained pickles and vegetables along with chapattis. The scheme is not only to provide people with nutrition but also indulge their taste buds.


Objectives of the scheme

  • The scheme aims to provide affordable, hygienic and nutritious food to the poor.
  • Help the needy with nourishing food in the city of Chandigarh.

Benefits of Annapurna Akshaya Patra Yojana in Chandigarh

  • Benefits of food at INR. 10/- only (6 Chapattis, Sabji and pickle) to poor peoples
  • Benefits of nutritious diet to needy people in Chandigarh
  • Clean, hygienic and nutritious food for poor people

Food distributed under Annapurna Akshaya Patra Yojana at following location

  • Sabzi Mandi (Transport Area), Sector 26
  • Labour Chowk, Manimajra
  • Labour Chowk, (Near EWS Colony), Dhanas
  • Labour Chowk, Ram Darbar
  • Labour Colony No. 4, Industrial Area, Phase 1

Features of Annapurna Akshaya Patra Yojana in Chandigarh

  • Annapurna Akshaya Patra Yojana is a new meal scheme started jointly by state government of Haryana and state government of Punjab in Chandigarh
  • Under this scheme, Government will provide food to poor people at lesser cost compared to market
  • In this meal package, the government will provide food at INR. 10/- only (6 Chapatis, Sabji and Pickle in foil paper) to poor peoples of Chandigarh
  • The government will spend INR. 3 lac per month for 30,000 packets. The aim is to scale up the project to 10,000 packets per day
  • Established a kitchen at a total cost of INR. 70 lakh. The food packets will be available from 6 pm to 9 pm at 5 selected locations

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