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Driving Licence Andhra Pradesh 

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Driving license is one of the essential document which is required by one if he/ she wants to get the authority to drive any vehicle across the country. As the driving license is issued to any individual after the proper test of driving and the verification of the documents submitted by the applicant in the RTO office. As Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Government of Andhra Pradesh and Sri Kinjarapu Atchannaidu the Hon’ble Minister for Transport, B.C. Welfare & Empowerment, Handlooms & Textiles of the Government of Andhra Pradesh continuously working for the welfare of the people so with the initiative of the online portal to help the people of the Andhra Pradesh state.

Need for Driving Licence

As per the rule enacted in the year 1988 the Motor vehicle Act, it is compulsory for one to have the valid driving licence to drive the vehicle on the public roads.

Concerned Authority for Driving Licence

You can approach the Regional Transport Office or Motor Vehicles Inspector’s Office, nearby your residential area for the issuance of the Driving Licence Andhra Pradesh.

Driving Licence Eligibility

The following points below state the eligibility of the person to get the driving Licence in the particular region.

  • The candidate whose age is 16 years is eligible only for the driving motorcycles with an engine capacity not exceeding 50cc as with the consent of the parent/guardian.
  • As the candidate above the age of 18 years of age is eligible to get the driving licence for the motorcycles with engine capacity exceeding 50cc as well as the light motor vehicle. 

Types of Driving Licence

The types of Driving Licence for which one can apply has been written below in the article as the candidate can make use of the driving licence depending on choice and eligibility.

  1. Learner Driving Licence
  2. Permanent Driving Licence

 Documents Required for Driving Licence Andhra Pradesh

The documents which are required to be given at the concerned authorities as mentioned above in the article, check the document name given below.

  •  Age proof of the applicant such as the birth certificate or the class 10th mark sheet exhibiting the age of the candidate.
  • Residence proof of the applicant, you can give the domicile certificate if you have or you can also give the copy of the Electricity / Telephone Bill, Card, Electoral Roll, Ration card/epds or more.
  • You also have to give the Application-cum-declaration as to the physical fitness in Form-1
  •  The candidate Medical Certificate in Form No. 1A  is also required to be given.
  •  Three passport size photographs of the applicant have to be given along the application form for the driving Licence.

Note –  The applicants who are below the age of 50 years don’t have to give the medical certificate until or unless they are applying for the Transport Vehicle Licence.

Procedure to get Driving Licence Andhra Pradesh

The procedure for the learner licence and the permanent driving licence has been written as follows. As the candidate can check the type they require to apply for.

Learner’s Licence

If you want to get the Learner’s Licence then you have to follow the procedure written below.

The applicant has to appear personally in front of the concerned authority as mentioned earlier.

  • The applicant has to give the application form and the other documents mentioned above along with the photographs.
  • The candidate has to pass the computerized  test which consists of the questions of the basic traffic signs and the driver’s responsibilities.
  • The candidate who is applying for the Transport Vehicle Licence must be already having the Permanent Driving Licence for Light Motor Vehicle issued on his/ her name at least a year ago.

Permanent Licence

The applicant interested to get the permanent driving licence can check the procedure points which has been written as follows:

As in the case of the permanent driving licence the candidate also has to appear in front of the concerned authority with the registered motor vehicle of the relevant category.

  • The candidate must be having a learner licence issued a month older before he applies for the permanent licence.
  • The applicant has to pass the driving test in order to get the permanent licence issued.
  • The Applicants applying for the Transport Vehicle Licence should enclose a Training Certificate in Form No. 5 which should be issued by a recognized driving school.

Validity of Driving Licence

  • The learner licence issued to a candidate is valid for 6 months from the date it is issued.
  • The validity of Non-Transport Vehicle is valid for 20 years unless the candidate attains the age of the 50 years.
  • As after that, the candidate has to renew it after every 5 years.
  • The licence for the Transport Vehicle is valid for 3 years.

Application fee for Driving Licence

The application fee for the driving licence as it varies for the learner driving licence and the permanent driving licence.

Learner driving licence

The candidate has to pay:

  • Fees of Rs. 30/- for any type of vehicle
  • User Charge of Rs.30/-
  • Total charges Rs.150/-
  • Learner licence repeat test Rs.50/-

Permanent driving licence

The candidate has to pay:

  • Fees of Rs. 30/- for any type of vehicle
  • The fee of Rs. 35/- for test and Licence
  • repeat test Rs.300/-
  • Renewal of driving licence Rs. 200 along with late fee in case of delay 

Renewal of Andhra Pradesh Driving licence

You can get the driving licence renewed very easily as you have to give the application form 9 to the concerned authority along the documents and the fee as per the CMV RULES and the medical certificate, self-declaration form.

Apply online Driving Licence 

You can apply online for the driving licence Andhra Pradesh. You can visit the official site or can click the link given below.

Click Here

Reference Image:

andhra pradesh licence

  • You have to click on the Licence.
  • You can select the desired option as you would get the following options:
  1. Permanent Licence
  2. Learner’s Licence
  3. Renewal 
  4. Duplicate

You can fill the information asked in the form and can apply for the type you want but you have to approach the concerned department on the date you will get mentioned on the form during filling the online application to get the licence type you need to be issued to you.

Contact details

Additional Transport Commissioner : (040) 3223589 (Office),3748585 (Residence)

Joint Transport Commissioner (Vigilance) : (040) 3224925 (Office), 7632691 (Residence)

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