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Agriculture Census

Agriculture Census
Mukesh Jindal
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Agriculture Census  – The Agriculture Census will be conducted for every five years in India. As the first census was done in the year 1970s and for the reference of the year that was done around 1970-1971. As per the Agriculture Census Scheme, the center provides the funds to state and enter work will be conducted by the states only. As the agriculture census will be done in a phase. Where the primary and secondary data will be collected on the structure of operational holdings with the different sizes classes and whereas social groups.

Agriculture Census

Agriculture will be providing the gainful employment and livelihood for the number of people, those who are depending on it. As the population getting increased there is more need for the food resources are required. By knowing the importance of the agriculture and its predominance of the agriculture sector, the department of agriculture and cooperation, Minister of Agriculture, following with Government of India has been conducted the Agriculture Census since 1970-71. With the help of the agriculture census, the data of various aspects of operational holdings will be collected and examined for its improvements. Which are most needed by planners, policymakers as well as researchers?


Agriculture Census

Benefits of Agriculture Census

  • As the agriculture census will identify trends and provide the best features of factual information on emerging issues, there are a lot of opportunities and challenges within the agriculture community.
  • The agriculture census will be a cover lot of questions over a wide range of topics, and also the land use, crops, livestock, agricultural labor, machinery, and equipment, land management practices, and farm finances.

Required documents

Support your community and also a complete census of agriculture questionnaire as per the year in your state. As it will be done for every five years, as the census will be completed based on the person who will be responsible, or he should be knowledgeable about the day to day management decisions happening in the farming operations.

As it is required by the Statistics Act, that the information will be provided will be kept on a confidential and will be used only for a statistical purpose.

Agriculture Census

Contact Details

  • For any details and if you have questions related to the farm you can follow the below steps to contact the officials.
  • You will be a secure access code which you will be receiving in the mail, you need to keep the security. And you can access that, to complete your questionnaire.
  • As a farm holder, you are authorized to use all the things related to Act. And also, you need to actively participate in it as per the Statistics
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Agriculture Census PDF

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As we seen the recent years Agriculture Census highlights, the total number of operational holdings have been estimated around 138.95 million. Whereas the total operated area was expected to be around 159.59 million hectares.  This was being done by the survey of the officials, as the trend following from the various years since 1970-71. On an average there should be certain measures of improvement have to be taken for the development like improving infrastructural facilities, which will be providing the adequate number of computer with email facilities, fax machines etc. some of the states and sensitization of field workers have to move towards the importance of this data. By which they will devote sufficient attention to the agriculture census, this will be even more helpful.

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