257 crore released for Gujarat Aquatic Park

Gujarat aquatic park
Mukesh Jindal
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Gujarat state becomes a no.1 state in all India to make robotics and aquatic galleries in the state. There are around 55 robot galleries in the state, which encourage the students and tourist. There is already a science park in Ahmedabad with a lot of new innovation but now the concept of aquatic life science park will create a new milestone in the history of Gujrat. In this aquatic science park, people can see the species of  Asia, Africa, America and from world’s other continents.  Soon the people of Gujarat can see the Octopus, jellyfish, Sharks, snakes in the aquatic life science park. Govt of Gujarat gave an order of Rs 257 crore to the firm consortium of Marinescape and Shapoorji to build Aquatic life science park in 18-24 months.
aquatic park
This park includes 3  types of water more than 400 types of species and 72 types of tanks will be shown in the aquatic science park. This park includes a glass vacuum that will explore the great visibility of species inside the glass tunnel. It is really great achievement and vision of the Gujarat govt to start such kind of knowledgeful project in the cities. Cartoon network themed park also under construction in Surat with the joint venture of the local investor. This cartoon park will also be started in the first quarter of  2019.


  • To make Gujrat no.one knowledge state of India
  • To create opportunities in micro/nano/biotechnology fields.
  • To ensure to improve skill of students and professionals
  • To make public up to date with technology and innovations.

Aquatic Park

Main attraction

  • 3  types of water
  • 400 types of species
  • 72 types of water tanks

Significance and importance

  • It will encourage students to move towards the science and technology.
  • It will make a science model for the whole nation.
  • It will help in generation of more Tourism.
  • It will help in to boost the economy of Gujarat.
  • Science park, Aquatic Park, and cartoon themed branded park also make a new innovation and scientific revolution in the State or nation.

257 crore released


To boost the science and technology State of Gujarat focusing a lot on the new generation. This project will attract all the science lovers towards Gujarat.

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