24-YO MBBS Woman Becomes The Most Educated and Youngest Sarpanch of A Haryana Village

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Haryana Govt. doing tremendous efforts to strengthened women empowerment in the State. Everyone knows that Haryana is very far from equality between male and female. Till today in some places female is not at a male level in some cases. By the continuous efforts of Haryana, Govt state creates a history where one well-educated student of MBBS female become Sarpanch of Garhazan village of Bharatpur under Mewat region. Yes, its true Shahnaaz 24 year from Haryana studied at Teerthanker Mahaveer Medical College and Research Center in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh become Sarpanch. She is the youngest Sarpanch in this village. Now she stands in the mainstream for taking the social responsibility. She becomes the first MBBS female Sarpanch in Haryana who is ready to take the responsibility of the society of Garhazan.

Most educated and youngest Sarpanch of Haryana

This village is situated in Mewat region which lies between Haryana and Rajasthan borderline.  It is a great change in the society to empower the female and also the whole society. As we know one educated woman can make her family more knowledgeable and aware. Even female of Mewat region is restricted to study more than basic education. After becoming female Sarpanch it will open the mentality of males of Mewat region.

How Shahnaaz become Sarpanch?

After completing her MBBS she started doing an internship in civil hospital Gurgaon. Her Grandfather Haniff khan was the Sarpanch of the same village but later he becomes null or void due to lack of required qualification mandate by the Haryana Govt. Shanaaz directly fights a by-election to serve the public and to fulfil the dream of her grandfather.

Benefits for the Society

  • One female Sarpanch can change the old thoughts of the rural society of Haryana.
  • It will help in creating awareness in the masses.
  • Girls can educate more without any restriction.
  • Encourage the female to give their involvement in the governance of the village.
  • To make equality in male and female in the state.

Priorities of Shanaaz

  • Being as Doctor to improve Health and cleaning system of the society.
  • Ensure every Girl child education in the village.
  • To provide adequate electricity, roads, education and basic amenities in the village.
  • To make the development of proper planning.
  • Motivate the women to show their hidden talents and skills.
  • Focus on Bharat Swachata mission.

Most educated


Female involvement in the politics is very important to remove the misbalancing in the masses and sex ratio. Female can also do good governance and administration. Female is the backbone of the society everyone must respect women and child girl.

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