The free coaching scheme of Telangana

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The free coaching scheme of Talenagana is going to sponsor 100 merit students from the minority. The civil services are considered to be one the most prestigious exams of the nation. A self-study is an option but mainly proper coaching is required to move in the right direction. The government has therefore decided to sponsor this coaching. Reputed coaching institutes will be contacted and students will be further helped financially to avail the coaching there.  This sponsorship for the coaching is going to be very helpful for the financially weaker section. Students who are intelligent and talented but need financial support will be benefited. Along with the financial support, the students will also be provided with the hostel facility so that there’s no inconvenience for them.

For the Civil service examination of 2018, 100 students have been selected and shortlisted by the government. A proper panel has made the list and the students who deserve this have been selected. A proper committee has been constituted for taking important and major decisions.  Five best coaching institutes in the state of Hyderabad have been selected. The criteria are based on proven track record, infrastructures, faculty and also some other important elements. Now, the students who are selected are free to choose any one institutes from these and avail all the benefits further. Students with a high concentration level and appropriate knowledge sometimes also need financial aid to live their dreams. Everyone is not having a good financial background so they need this support for sure to direct their knowledge in a good direction and shape their career.


Benefits of Free Coaching Scheme

Under this scheme, the rural and urban students have been divided into two different categories. Incentives are provided accordingly. An incentive of RS. 5000 for rural and Rs. 2500 for urban students has been set up. The minority is always neglected and gets the least benefits but this time they will be benefited. Also, proper hostel facility has been provided for the Muslim students. This is for the ones who are selected to avail benefits.

The Minority and Welfare Department of Telangana has initiated a scheme for the free coaching of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC ). The state’s government of Telangana has taken this major decision in consultation with this department. The decision was sanctioned as it purely has benefits for the capable students. The states working for the welfare of their students are doing a great job as this would further lead to the development of their state. The vision is all complete and productive in itself.

When the minority students will be provided with such golden opportunities, it will improve their status in the society. Also, the living standards will be taken up to a good level. Intelligent and talented students who have the capabilities of making a good counselling will be given the opportunity to prove their worth. A dedicated student selected under this scheme can become a civil servant and further provide his/her knowledge to the country.

The statistics show that 75 students were qualified in 2016 in the civil services exams. Total 75 students from the two Telugu states as stated in the stats. Now, this number needs to be taken up higher and higher which is very well fulfilled by this scheme. More and more students will be encouraged to avail the benefits, work hard and prove that their knowledge is of great worth to the country.


The free coaching scheme is a compulsory scheme for all the states and all other states should be inspired by Telangana and work for the betterment of their students. The idea is to benefit the Minority to ease the process of education for them. More students covered under this scheme more will be the selections from a particular state which will further add to the growth of the state. We definitely need more schemes like this one and need to encourage our students to work hard and raise their standards. We hope that this scheme works the way it is planned and we see a developed and advanced youth in the state. Also, this would be a clear encouragement for the other states as well to take the lead and make amendments.


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