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RATION CARD – Officially Document for the citizen of India

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Ration card is basically for the purpose of distribution of rice, wheat, sugar, or kerosene oil at subsidized rates to the citizen of the country.

Under the Authority of State Government, this card is issued for the purchase of goods at the reasonable rate from the shops. From the World War II, this card has been used and also use in the 21st century. This ration card provides the proof of the ID of poor which connect with the government database. 

PDS[Public Distribution Service] of India is based on this Ration Card which is used for the eligibility and identity of the person. The state govt. issued one card to per family. The govt. issued the ration card under three categories- ANTYODAYA [Extreme poverty line], BPL[Below poverty line], APL[ Above poverty line]. These ration cards are based on the economic status of the family. On the basis of data collected from the various sources, the Planning Commission of India regularly defined the poverty lines.

There are three types of cards- YELLOW, ORANGE, and WHITE. The family under the poverty line gets the YELLOW card. The ORANGE card issued to those who earned Rs 15000 to 1 lakh per annum. Those who have WHITE CARD do not have any benefit. They used this white ration card in the case of proof for driving licenses and property transaction. The state govt. issued the PINK Colour Ration card which is very important to proof the nationality and ID of the Citizen. On the basis of economic status, it helps only for the families of APL and BPL Category.

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The Antyodya card issued to those families who have an income of less than Rs. 250 per capita per month. The Antyodaya spread and it becomes ANTYODAYA ANNA YOJNA [AAY CARD]. These card issued to senior citizens, widows, or if the widow is head of the family, physically handicapped.

A BLUE RATION CARD is issued to those families who do not have the Gas/LPG connection. The Blue holder card families get the special subsidy on Kerosene oil. Mainly this blue card is issued to APL Families in the state.

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The ration card gets fully digital in future. The consumer can buy ration or goods at PDS outlet by getting this smart digital card. The Aadhar card details have been added to create the new data of the ration card holder. For creating the new data the record of each family like numbers of family members, names of the members, head of the family, permanent address, present living address, phone numbers etc. is needed. By the state govt. the units or points are issued to each family per month. The computerization of the  PDS gets several benefits by Smart Card Scheme.

The online process for getting the RATION CARD is an easy process. You can apply for the ration card online by using the PDS website of the particular state. To know about the information and news of schemes regarding ration card you can visit the PDS India Portal   https://pdsportal.nic.in/main.aspx. The first step in an online process is to visit the official website of the state Public Distribution System. You have to fill the details step by step. The various documents required for the process are- ID proof, Bank Account, Address proof, Income proof, the Latest photograph of the head of the family. Every state has a different application form on the there official website.

The dealer gets the smart ration card from the consumer and pays for what they have selected from the PDS outlet. The dealer uses the card to swipe the machine. The machines show the information like name, barcode number, the expiry of the credit card, which is present on the smart card it also shows the FPS Location.

Some of the benefits of this digital smart card are – the valid ration will be delivered to the BPL or APL families, the SMS provided on the mobiles of the consumer if the ration is valid or not valid in the outlet, the information about the time of delivery of will be given by SMS because the shop does not open every day. This system can avoid corruption in PDS or FPS and the benefit of service can be reached to the poor people. The fake and duplicate cases must be reduced by this smart card.





RATION CARD - Online, Status
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RATION CARD - Online, Status
Ration card provides food like rice, sugar, wheat, fuels or other goods to the poor citizen. Ration Card issued by the state government to the people who are below poverty line.
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