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Rural Development Minister and REPA C.L. in the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme in Nagaland. Started by John. Launching the PMAY-G plan, the Minister has started the program for effective implementation of the benefits of the rural masses.

He said that in order to reduce the gap in rural housing and to fulfill government’s commitment, the PMAY-G program started by the Central Government with full force to provide housing for all from April 1, 2016, to 2020 throughout the country.


The primary features that relate to the scheme 

  • Every citizen will be granted a subsidy from the LIG and EWS sections of the urban population. The subsidy will be granted by the Central Government of India and will range from 1 lakh to 2.30 lakhs. This would help people to at least have a start up in order to afford a house under the scheme.
  • The Government will also offer a subsidy on the interest rates on loans they avail for the scheme on an interest rate of 6.5% against the loan amount. The interest will last for a period of 15 years from the date the loan has been approved.
  • Female citizens will get the first choice when the allotment of the house is being done. All applicants from female members will be accepted easily as in comparison to male members.
  • People with disability or people who are aged will get the preference of choosing ground floor housing.
  • And all construction units have been developed by eco-friendly construction technology.

Key Features

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana being credit-linked makes the housing scheme more attractive and has two key features on which it is based:

  1. The Government loan of up to INR 600,000 for a period of 15 years.
  2. And a subsidized interest rates of 6.5%.

Both are no different from each other and cannot exist without each other independently

The interest rate of 6.5% will only be applicable if a citizen applies for a loan under the PMAY.

EMI under the PMAY

The market rate for housing loans is 10.5%, but under the PMAY the interest rate is a promised 6.5% against housing loans. This clearly means that those who fall under the scheme will enjoy a reduction of 4% as compared to the rates of the market. A citizen who applies for the loan will have to pay an EMI every month.

A small example to help you understand the topic in a more effective manner

Suppose a citizen takes a loan of INR 6, 00,000 under the normal market rate he/she will have to pay a (10.50%) market ratio for the loan over a period of 15 years. Thus the amount he/she would need to pay would be around INR 4,050 per month. But as of under the scheme, the interest will lead to INR 6,632 when the applicant pays an interest rate of 6.5%. A citizen would be paying around INR 2000 lesser than the market rate. This a far more pocket-friendly idea for the people under the LIG and EWS scheme.

This scheme is not a new scheme, the scheme has been started by changing the name of Indira Awas Yojana.

In issuing a guideline of PMAY-G, the Minister said to the officers to educate VDBs for the optimum and successful implementation of PMAY-G in the state. Under the PMAY-G, for the construction of toilets under the Rs 13,000 extra clean Bharat Mission, with an allocation of Rs.130,000 for the hill areas. The beneficiary will be provided daily wages of 90 to 95 days (Rs 18,000) through MNREGA. Together, Rs. 1,60,000 for the state of Nagaland, he said.

He urged the department to take meaningful leverage of all the components while taking proper care and to use it for the benefit of the people judiciously. The Minister said that the Government of India and the State Government have always been giving priority to rural development in poverty reduction in both rural areas and for improving the living standard of the rural people.

Giving special attention to this, the Home Government has started a specially dedicated scheme to provide houses in rural areas, “he repeated this point and ensured that the PMAY-G would effectively implement this scheme. Should be implemented and received from maximum benefit.

Keeping in view the inclusive and holistic development needs of the state within a set time frame, the Minister of State Government has come up with a Vision Document 2030 by incorporating all areas of development. He said that towards this direction I urge the officials to implement the department through various programs so that our people can develop equally with the people living in the city.

Coordination between the various stakeholders of the constantly rural development is very important for speedy development, he said.

Apart from this, the Minister has given an opportunity to all the officials to give prompt and responsive public service to the best of their ability to appeal. “We have to work together to bring about realistic change in the lives of our rural people,” he urged.

Earlier, the keynote speech was given by the Rural Development Secretary Kelly Jelliang. The function was held under the chairmanship of Rural Development Director Mitsubu Jamir, while Joint Director of Rural Development, Lonnutkilla Jamir, thanked him.

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