Monthly Allowance Scheme Tripura- Financial Assistance to Poor Cancer Patients

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The state government of Tripura has started a new scheme called the Monthly Allowance Scheme for the poor cancer patients of the state. Under this scheme, the state government of Tripura will provide the financial assistance of Rs. 600n per month to the patients with cancer who are poor.

This scheme is being run by the Social Welfare Department to provide the financial assistance to the poor cancer patients of the state. The financial assistance to the serious cancer patients will be sent to their homes by the government.

The number of the cancer patients is least in Tripura and most in Mizoram state. The health minister said that the central health minister established (Affordable Medicine and Reliable Implants for Treatment) Pharmacy. The main motto this scheme is to provide the financial assistance for the patients with cancer and heart patients.

Here in the state Tripura, the state government will establish Amrit Pharmacy on the occasion of on birthday anniversary of Swami Vivekanand. The state government of Tripura will provide the financial assistance to the poor cancer patients of the state. The financial assistance will be of Rs. 600 for the poor cancer patients.


Monthly Allowance Scheme Funds

  •  The financial aid would be INR 600 per month
  •  Benefit may be extended to 1 Lakh 25 thousand in some rare cases
  •  The government may also provide 10000 if the patient has to travel in case of medical urgency
  •  Benefits may be extended to patients who require neurosurgery, renal surgery or any treatment of the eye disease.

Monthly Allowance Scheme Procedure

  •  The patient needs to register and the benefits will be available at the doorsteps.
  •  The benefit can be used to avail treatment and the government hospital and AMRIT Pharmacy.
  •  AMRIT Pharmacy provides medicines and other essentials at a subsidized rate.

Monthly Allowance Scheme Eligibility

  •  The annual income of the patient should be less than 1.5 Lakh INR.
  •  The patient should be a resident of Tripura with a valid ID card.
  •  The central and state government employees will not be entitled to the benefits.

Monthly Allowance Scheme Benefits

  •  BPL patients will be able to avail cancer treatment.
  •  There will be growth in the health sector
  •  The poor families will be relieved to a certain extent


This scheme will help the government to improve the health status of people and survival rate will also increase. We hope the scheme benefits the people the same way as it plans.

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