Kaushalya Karnataka Scheme

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Kaushalya Karnataka is an ambitious scheme of the state government of Karnataka launched for the unemployed youth to develop their skills by providing skill training. The main objective of the scheme is to enhance the employability of youth by enhancing the skill through industry ready skill development programs.

The government has launched a dedicated website www.kaushalkar.com where all information about this scheme is readily available. Using the Kaushalya Karnataka scheme, the interested youth can acquire necessary skills required for employment and earn their livelihood and increase their living standards.


Register online for the Kaushalya Karnataka Yojana

Online registrations for Kaushalya Karnataka scheme can be done through the official portal at www.kaushalkar.com. Online registrations for both trainee and training providers are being invited through the same official website. Below is the detailed procedure of how to apply/register online for Kaushalya Karnataka scheme as a trainee.

Kaushalya Karnataka Scheme Trainee Registration

STEP 1: The interested, unemployed candidates first need to visit the official website at the Kaushalya Karnataka website

STEP 2: Click on the “Trainee Registration” link in the main menu.

STEP 3: An application form similar to below will open in the next page.

Objective of the Kaushalya Karnataka Scheme

The Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer, Shivashanker in his inaugural addressed the scheme as it is launched to create awareness amongst the unemployed youths to acquire sets depending upon their qualification and skills as they do not have any idea or direction in how to go about applying for jobs.

The scheme would have two vahinis launched as part of job creation.

  • Vahini 1 will be launched by the department of skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Livelihood, Government of Karnataka
  • Vahini 2 which will be launched by the other departments to help create and provide jobs

How will the scheme work?

There will be two categories, the literates and the illiterates who can enroll. Their name, address, email id, and mobile number will be registered and the department will collate this information.

Before the launch of the scheme, the apprentices were given a stipend of Rs 1000 to Rs 1500. However now they will be paid a salary, said the official and added that the aspirants can register online on www.kaushalkar.com


The scheme would help unemployed people to enroll for better skills and develop a nature to work. This would benefit the the poor and the people initerested in working and building a brighter future. The nation can also benefit from this scheme considering that every state is now giving the people who can’t afford to continue their work because of not possessing the right skills and requirements.

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