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Jawaharlal Nehru was one of the most loved People in the history. He advanced the cause of civilization through his own will and effort. His achievements are infinite and the way he multitasked everything was simply outstanding. Many initiatives have been taken to remember and honor this great soul. Now comes this new scheme to support his vision and thoughts. He is not present with us but his ideas and knowledge are kept sacred and now is the time to implement. He always wanted to experiment human mind and make people think beyond their limits. This passion gave rise to a scheme called the Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship instituted by the Jawaharlal Nehru Fund in 1968.

The aim of the scheme is the encouragement of intellectual and higher learning to upgrade the standards of a human mind. The idea is advanced and has a great potential to rise and stay.

The idea is very unique, potential and intellectual and all it requires is a good and healthy implementation. Also, a quality plan needs to work simultaneously.



Sciences, humanities, writers, journalists, artists and civil servants, this fellowship is applicable and open to the scholars in all these fields. Se of these disciplines are not normally covered by the current schemes but are included here.

The aim is to undertake projects of highly sophisticated and technical subjects and also do a deep research on the problems in our country currently.

Exploring new possibilities in their respective fields, they should possess some qualities like the proper knowledge and capacity for excellent work and a real passion for taking up and completing a creative project.  In today’s world, man has to love with a change permanently in all the activities and the institutions according to Jawaharlal Nehru. The enrichment of the intellectual capital with respect to the speed acquired by each discipline is very crucial and mandatory in this nuclear age. It is important for the scholars to devote time for this entirely.

Even when research and intellectual growth don’t require age restrictions, still there is a particular range of age ensured. Fellows belonging to forties or fifties are preferred. This clearly means a long and potential period of creativity giving benefits to the country.

These fellowship programs are only for the citizens of India. The fellows can work anywhere according to their choice but within the country.


A selection committee is established comprising different individuals from the different field of human Endeavour. This selection committee chooses the Fellows for the Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship Program. It also becomes mandatory to maintain the standards of this committee with excellence and creative talent.

Actually, the work of this selection committee is most important and all the criteria need to be kept in mind before making any decision. This decision is straight away going to affect the growth of the country.

Therefore, the selection in itself is a very intelligent department set up to analyze and select individuals accordingly.


The monthly stipend of the Fellowship is Rs. 1,00,000 . Also, funds are provided according to the need and convenience of the fellows. The secretarial assistance, traveling etc.  are all funded subject to a ceiling of RS. 75,000 per annum. The stipend and other funds mentioned here are all applicable to the fellows who were selected in November 2012 and after that.

This clearly means that government is spending a lot to produce quality and so the citizens need to be very dedicated towards this. Once they become fellows, responsibility increase three fold.


The fellowship program is one of its kind. The intellectual and creative growth of an individual, society, and country as a whole is very crucial. Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship Program has taken up major initiatives to set up a system which will consist of potential, intellectual and creative individuals so that they can put their ideas for the betterment of the country.  The selection committee is so advance by itself and therefore it selects potential members as well. The scheme needs the support of the citizens of the country and so it becomes a major responsibility to devote to our country through our skills and knowledge. We hope that the scheme works the way it is planned

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