Indira Gandhi Matritava Sahyog Yojana in Himachal Pradesh

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Under the Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana (IGMSY), women with pregnancy and feeding are given maternity benefits with certain conditions, whose purpose is to improve their health and nutrition status so that they can feed Languages and pregnant improve women’s conditions is to them a cash incentive to be the amount to be given. it coordinated Ba Development Services scheme is being implemented by the platform. The project started in October 20l0 experimental had gone on the base and now it operates in 53 selected districts. Currently, beneficiaries are to 6,000 rupees in two installments Bank or post office accounts. The first installment is given during 7-9 months of pregnancy and the amount of the second installment is 6 months of delivery after fulfilling certain conditions. All Government / Public employees (Central and State) employees will not be entitled to avail of this scheme as they are given maternity leave along with the salary. This scheme is implemented in 53 districts of the country on the experimental basis.

Indira Gandhi Matritava Sahyog Yojana in Himachal Pradesh

The Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana (IGMSY) is a maternity advantage scheme propelled by the past UPA government under Manmohan Singh in 2010. The scheme is actualized by the Ministry of Women and Child Development and offers cash advantages to pregnant and lactating women who are 19 years or above in age. The advantages of the scheme are restricted to the initial 2 live births as it were.

The scheme offers partial wage remuneration to the objective women in order to help them fiscally in times of childbirth and childcare. The scheme will help in offering safe delivery conditions and additionally great encouraging and nutrition practices.

Current status

The scheme, which went under the umbrella of the National Food Security Act, is to give Rs.6,000 as cash maternity advantage to the intended interest group. The scheme is right now in action in more than 50 districts in the nation and is expecting to cover 200 districts in the following financial 2015-16.

Indira Gandhi Matritava Sahyog Yojana in Himachal

Objectives of IGMSY

  • Cash incentives to-be mothers and new mothers with the goal that they approach better nutrition and well-being standards.
  • Encourage women to breastfeed solely for the initial a half year and practice best nourishing and nutrition standards.
  • Promoting better care and administration usage in times of pregnancy, delivery, and lactation.


Indira Gandhi Matritava Sahyog Yojana

Eligibility and Conditions applying for Indira Gandhi Matritava Sahyog Yojana

19 years of age women and above, who are giving live birth for the first and second times are qualified for the advantages under this scheme. The sum qualified for them is Rs.6,000, which is to be circulated in 2 portions of Rs.3,000 each. The commitments will be made on the accompanying criteria:

  • First portion to be discharged if the pregnancy has been enlisted at Anganwadi Center (AWC) not over 4 months of origination; if the mother has gone to no less than 1 pre-birth mind session; if the mother has taken TT and Iron-folic tablets; and went to no less than 1 guiding focus at any social insurance focus or AWC.
  • The second portion to be dispensed when the mother registers the birth inoculates the child for BCG and OPV at individual interims of 6 and 10 weeks and goes to at the very least 2 development observing a session in the initial 3 months since childbirth.
  • The mother needs to breastfeed children for a half year and go to 2 more development observing sessions inside the third to 6thmonths since childbirth.

Required Documents

  • Identity proof
  • Resident proof
  • Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Aadhar card

Indira Gandhi Matritava Sahyog scheme

How to Apply

To get the benefits of the scheme the registration in the hospital is the must.

  • Then get the application form from the Anganwadi Kendra and fill it with the proper details.
  • The form also asks the bank details for money transfer.
  • The aadhar card is must to attached with the application form.
  • After filling the application form submit it to the hospital.
  • Then application form verified at different levels after that the decision aid will transfer to the bank account of the women for proper use.

Contact Details

  • The Applicant woman can contact the nearest Anganwadi center

Some Important Links

Pdf of the scheme

Here is PDF which is released by govt officials.

Conclusion :

Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana (IGMSY) by Ministry of Women and Child Development. The plan expects to add to the better empowering condition by giving money motivators to enhance well being and sustenance to pregnant and lactating moms. Data about plan rules, notices, endorse of stipends, and so forth is given. Clients can get to IGMSY online application for coordinate money exchange.

Indira Gandhi Matritava Sahyog Yojana in Himachal Pradesh
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Indira Gandhi Matritava Sahyog Yojana in Himachal Pradesh
Indira Gandhi Matritava Sahyog Yojana in Himachal Pradesh
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