Care Companion Program in Punjab

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Care Companion Program is basically a health care program with a vision to improve the health standard of Punjab. It’s was recently launched by the government of Punjab. The main aim of the scheme is to promote a healthy life through proper knowledge and guidance. The program will provide education and engage families to spread the program throughout the state.

There is an NGO that goes by the name of “Noora Health India Trust” that is basically a healthcare NGO to the core and is truly dedicated to the health and care of patients. The department of Health and Family Welfare signed a MoU which is a memorandum of understanding with this particular NGO for the program. The NGO will work to spread as much awareness as possible to promote this healthy initiative.  This NGO works as a caretaker education to improve health outcomes. All this will do under the Care Companion Program which is award winning.


Care Companion Program in Punjab

The Care Companion Program will initially cover six district hospitals in the state of Punjab. The areas or basically wings covered under this will be the Materials and Child Health wings.

This will help to reduce deaths and infections majorly.

Name of the District

  • Amritsar
  • Patiala
  • Jalandhar
  • SBS Nagar Sangrur

The scheme will be covered in almost all the districts throughout the state facilitating its effective implementation. The team will transform the wards into effective classrooms. These classrooms will then provide all the required knowledge and information regarding health care. These classrooms will be attended by the patient’s own family.

These sessions will make sure that proper knowledge is being given to make people live a healthier lifestyle.

The patients need good care not only in the hospital but also at home. Sometimes, the family members are not able to take immediate action because of lack of knowledge on the problem. It is therefore very important for them to learn these high- impact medical skills to initiate a healthy lifestyle and keep a proper check on the patient.

The most crucial time is when a new one is born and it becomes very important to take care of both the infant and the mother. The members must learn high impact health skills for the same. The issues which need more focus and better caring process are mentioned below.

  • Baby hygiene
  • Thermal care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Maternal nutrition

Objective Of Care Companion Program

Health education is still not very common in some parts of the country. New born babies die because of negligence and lack of proper knowledge. There are also many chances of new born babies getting exposed to some infections. Therefore, it’s very important and compulsory to ensure adaptation of long term health promoting behaviours.

Awareness is the tool to transform a particular area. Education adds to it and completes the upliftment of the society. The Care Companion Program will use these tools to improve the health status and welfare of its citizens. The citizens of Punjab new to be aware of the ongoing issues and the property precautions to be taken.

The Program as a whole includes many sub programs for awareness named as:

  • Increasing hospital hygiene
  • Decreasing post discharge complications
  • Decreasing burden of readmissions
  • Decreasing the neonatal mortality
  • Increasing productivity of nurses
  • Patient satisfaction

All these needs were taken into consideration before the launch of this CC programme. It recognises patent family members as caretakers of the patient which will reduce diseases drastically. Proper skills are provided to them for the improvement of health standards of Punjab.


The Care Companion Program is a very effective process to initiate healthy lifestyle in Punjab. The government has taken into consideration the issues of the public and launches such a program for the betterment of the society as a whole. This program will definitely save the life of many infants and their mothers as well.  When the entire family is going to be well aware and educated about the care taking process, the infections and death will be greatly reduced. We hope that the scheme works the way it is planned and the health status of Punjab goes up to a higher level.


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