BIRTH CERTIFICATE (An Official Record of the Birth) – Online Status, Download

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Birth certificate- A Legal Document

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The Birth Certificate is the certified copy of the registration of the birth. It is the fundamental Identifying Documents of the person. It is also considered as the Legal Document. The BIRTH CERTIFICATE is an acceptable form of ID. It is used as an ID for the Enroll in school, Passport and driving license.

On the Birth Certificate, the details include the Name, Place, Date and Time of birth, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name.

The birth certificate is the personal document used as a legal document for applying the health service, Applying for the passport, Voting, Entering in Military and driving license.

The family member or hospital must be registered the birth of the child within 21 days. If the birth of the child is not registered within 21 days then the birth certificate is issued after the police verification. A person without the birth certificate will not be eligible to take benefit or rights even they are not identified as an Indian citizen. The birth certificate is only the record that stating the birth occurred at the time, place, and date.

There are three types of birth certificate issued by the Government. The LONG Form, It is legal size form with details of the person, their parents, place of the birth, certification by the parents, or stamp by the department. It is two-page form. The SHORT form Card with details of name, birth date, place of the birth, date of registration, date of issue, registration number, certificate number and signature of the Registrar general. The third type of the certificate is a COPY of an ACT with details available at the birth of a child.

The LONG Form provides parental information of the person and more information than a short form certificate. In Urban Areas, the birth certificate is issued by the Municipal Council or Municipal Corporation of the area but in the rural areas, the authority is the Tehsildar. In the village, the authority is the GRAM PANCHAYAT OFFICE.

The Birth certificate is issued to the applicant after verification of date, place, time, parent’s ID, medical institute etc by the Registrar. The government authority always kept an original copy of the certificate. The government issued two types of copies-certified and uncertified. The CERTIFIED copies can be used for the identification. These certified copies are official copies. On the other hand, the UNCERTIFIED Copies cannot be used for the identification because these uncertified copies are not sealed by the Government Authority.

The Birth Certificate is legally proved your identity and your age. A Birth Certificate is the record of the childbirth. Vital Records are the main documents or records of the life events included Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, and Birth Certificate always kept under the government authority.

Now the Birth Certificate is also registered Online and Offline. The Some Indian States have started the service of given BIRTH CERTIFICATE online. For online registration of the birth certificate of the different state, you can log on to Government launched the website for the online or offline procedure. You can also apply for the duplicate birth certificate, birth application form, name change in the birth certificate form etc. online.



BIRTH CERTIFICATE (An Official Record of the Birth) - Online Status, Download
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BIRTH CERTIFICATE (An Official Record of the Birth) - Online Status, Download
The Birth Certificate is the important document which is necessary for every person. Without Birth Certificate, no other legal document is completed. It is the important document used in all legal matters.
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